The Alternate 68 Comeback Special (Standard Edition) (STAR)

What's New?

July 3rd, 2024 Huge update today today:

"1980 Young 'un Sound Cassette Dub Restoration" (From the FECC-board)

"For LP Fans Only & A Date With Elvis" (RDM)

"Fighting To Stay Alive" (V V Records)
"P. J. Proby - 2023 - Presley Style - Lost Elvis Songwriter Demos 1961-1963" (Bear Family Records)

"Rags To Riches - The Original Mono Mixes - The June-September 1970 Nashville Recordings" (Millbranch)

"Roustabout - Bande Originales Du Film" (RDM)

"Elvis Country - The Prequel " (ECCD)

"Elvis Seventy Three" (MRS, 4 CD-set)

"On Stage February 1973" (Reel Trax, 2 CD-set)

"Stage Power Volume 4 - Good Times Never Seemed So Good" (Tupelo Productions, 7 CD-set)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. Winter In Vegas 1970-1973" (Elvisone, 2 CD-set)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 50 Winter In Vegas 1970-1973" (Elvisone, 2 CD-set)

I have a fresh new PA-set: "The Long-Lost AR Tapes – Volumes 1-6"
Five AR-tapes that I thought were non-existing, certainly not for the listening pleasure, but for important historical documentation:

New York. June 10, 1972 AS - The Long-Lost AR Tapes – Volume 1 (PA)

Greensboro. April 14, 1972 - The Long-Lost AR Tapes – Volume 2 (PA)

Dayton. October 6, 1974 AS  - The Long-Lost AR Tapes – Volume 3 (PA)

Memphis. July 5, 1976  - The Long-Lost AR Tapes – Volume 4 (PA, 2 CD-set)

Pittsburgh. December 31, 1976 - The Long-Lost AR Tapes – Volume 5 (PA, 2 CD-set)

Ann Arbor. April 24, 1977  - The Long-Lost AR Tapes – Volume 6 (PA)
May 19th, 2024 New today:

"Our Memories Of Elvis Volume 3" (Victory, 2 CD / 1 LP-set)

"Studio Anthology 1973" (RedeMptionN)

"Elvis I'm Counting On Them" (VPI)

"Elvis Styles" (VPI, 3 CD-set)
May 2nd, 2024 New today:

"On Fire In Toledo 1956" (MRS)
April 29th, 2024 New today:

"The Memphis Record - 1973 The Year In Review" (Alhecode, 2 CD-set)

"The King In The City Of Six Flags" (

"The 1973 Sound Booth Collection & More! Volume 1" (RedeMptionN, 6 CD-set)

"Live Anthology 1973 - The Soundboard Edition " (RedeMptionN, 2 LP/1 CD)

"70th Anniversary Of Elvis SUN Records Sessions" (RDM)

"American Sound Studio Sessions" (GhostRyder14, 12 CD-set)

"And Then The Lights Went Down - 2nd pressing" (MAC, 2 CD-set)

"EFE Promo - Elvis Hawaii, USA" (EFE)

"EEFE Promo - The Brightest Star In Showbusiness " (EFE, 2 CD-set)

"EFE Promo - Elvis Unforgettable" (EFE)

"Follow That Dream" (MRS)

"Welcome Home Elvis" (MRS)

"Jailhouse Rock - The Vince Everett Box" (Memphis Mansion, 3X45 RPM vinyl/1 CD)

"Las Vegas 1970 & 1973" (Homespun, 2 CD-set)

"Million Dollar Quartet - The Legendary Session" (Union Square Music, 2 CD-set)

"Nashville Ballads" (Petticoat)

"Rock ´n´ Roll No. 2 - Mono II Stereo" (RDM)

"Shock, Rattle 'n' Roll" (EFE LPM-1500)

"The Complete Movie Masters 1960-62 - Plus Session Outtakes" (MRS, 4 CD-set)

"The Complete U.S. EP Collection 1955 - 1962" (Audio Vaults, 4 CD-set)

"The First Time Ever I Held You Close" (CD K7)

"Trying To Get To .. Memphis - Special Deluxe 10 Years Anniversary Edition" (SR)

"Viva Las Vegas - Bande Originale Du Film " (RDM)
April 1st, 2024 Tiny update today:

"Elvis - 1970 At The Astrodome" (Paradise Road Records)
March 24th, 2024 New today:

"Elvis At 3AM Sahara Tahoe Lake Tahoe 1973" (MRS, 2 CD-set)

"The King In Motown City" (E.P. Collector)

"The 1973 Soundboard Collection" (RedeMptionN, 8 CD-set)

"Elvis" (2017)

"Elvis On Tour '75" (WLR, 13 CD-set)

"Elvis Special 1971 - Special Edition" (WSR, 1 CD / 1 DVD / 1 vinyl EP)

"Elvis, Elvis, Elvis - The Ultimate Collection" (Sony Music Direct, Japan, 10 CD-set)

"Randy Starr - Presley Style - Lost Elvis Songwriter Demos Vol. 1" (Bear Family Records)

"Stage Power Volume 2 - The September Tour 1970" (Tupelo Productions, 6 CD / 1 DVD)

"Stage Power Volume 3 - Let's Go Back And Touch The Past " (Tupelo Productions, 7 CD-set)

"The King Revealed" (no label, 10 CD-set (mp3)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 49 - 70... 72... 73... Fragments - The Rehearsal Tapes" (Elvisone, 2 CD-set)

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. Fun In Acapulco - The Alternate Album" (Elvisone)

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. Legendary Elvis" (Elvisone)

DVD: "Elvis - The Underground 8mm Films - Steamrollin' On Tour"

The happy collaboration of Matt'n'Pat has spawned some changes in the PA catalogue:

A new source for Anaheim April 23, 1973 is added. The title is changed from "A Major Event in Anaheim", to "King of Green Giants" - new sleeves are made.

The titles below have been looked over, new sources, less statics etc.:

"Live in Vegas 02/05/74 DS"
"In For a Turn. Vegas 08/27/74 DS"
"Roaring Tiger" Vegas 09/01/74 DS"

January 13th, 2024 New today:

"10550 Rocca Place - The Home Recordings" (Elvis Presley Gesellschaft)

"An Afternoon In Dayton - Bonus CD Dayton, OH - Oct 06, 1974 AS" (Golden Globe Records)

"Kansas City '74 Revisited - Bonus CD June 29, 1974 AS" (Millbranch Music)

"Kansas City '74 Revisited - Bonus CD June 29, 1974 ES" (Millbranch Music)

"Off Duty In Bad Nauheim - A Commemorative Box Set" (Petticoat)

"The Angela Tapes Volume 8" (The King's Court)
December   3rd, 2023 New today:

"Elvis on Television 1956-1960 The Complete Sound Recordings" (MRS, 2 CD-set)

"One Night In Pearl Harbor" (MRS)

"The Complete 1950's Live Recordings" (MRS, 3 CD-set)

"Johnny & Johnny" (STAR/CMT)

"The Rocker Strikes Back" (MTP)


"He'll Have To Go" (STAR)

"Running To The End" (SR)
November  3rd, 2023 New today:

"The Joan Deary Tapes Volume 1" (JD Incorporated 2023)

"Rockin' At The Hilton 1972" (rocksVegas)

"Velvet Night In Vegas" (rocksVegas)
October  11th, 2023 New today:

"Hurt" (Golden Globe Records, 1 CD/2 LP-set )

"I Was The One - The Singles Collection" (Gold Standard Series, 1 CD/5x 45rpm-set)

"Elvis Movie Files Volume 2" (Petticoat Records, 1 CD/1 LP-set)

"Summer Festival Reflections Of '71 - Volume 3" (Stage Recordings, 3 CD-set)
October  1st, 2023 New today:

"Steel City '73" (SA/SP)

"Closing Night 1972" (MRS, 2 CD-set)

"Elvis Sings For Kids" (Radio Recorders)

"Elvis Sings Lullabies" (Radio Recorders)
June 19th, 2023 New today:

"In the Ghetto" (SA/SP)

Hold on to your hat, three new PAs:

"Presley still Tops" Las Vegas March 25th, 1975 MS (PA)

"He Clobbers Them" Las Vegas August 16th, 1973 DS (PA) - as far as a I know, this is completely new!

"Live in Fort Worth" Fort Worth June 3rd, 1976 (PA) - a new 2S added

- as you may know, the new artwork won't be up at my corner, but stop by at my friend Charlie's site and check them out:
June 12th, 2023 New today!!!:


"SOLD OUT! - Volume Twenty" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)

"The 1977 February Tour" (Cine8)
June 4th, 2023 New today:

"Rags To Riches" (Millbranch, 1 CD + 1 DVD)
May 22nd 2023 New today:

"Come What May" (Reel Trax, 2 CD-set)

"He Was The One - Elvis Sings Aaron Schroeder" (VPI, 1 CD / 1 LP)

"Let Me ... Sing Again [withdrawn release]" (MxF, 2 CD-set)

"Old Times They Are Not Forgotten" (DAE Resurrection, 1 CD / 1 LP)

"Pure Gold - The Alternate Album " (2005)

"Romantic & Rockin' Elvis" (LPO-RE, 2 CD-set)

"Superstar Outtakes Vol. 2" (Nedmac Records)

"There's A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" (Circle G, 2 LP / 1 CD )

"Updated Remixed " (MIXIT!)
May 19th 2023 New today:

"A Hot Night At Paradise Road" (Monada)

"All Shook Up - The Unauthorized Recordings" (Grapefruit)

"American I - Jungle Room Sessions" (CMT)

"American II - Oh How I Love Jesus" (CMT)

"American IV - Reworked" (CMT)

"Black Diamond - Las Vegas Closing Show '76" (EP Records)

"Hello Memphis" (WLR)

"It's A Deja-vu Time" (2008)

"It's Different Now At Stax" (2009)

"Master & Session - All Shook Up" (MS)

"Master & Session - Essential Stereo" (MS, 2 CD-set)

"You Are There" (2009)

"Burbank Sessions" (Sphinx Records)
May 18th 2023 New DVDs:

"The Seven Ages of Elvis" (Documentary, mp4)

"The Lost Performances" (MGM UA Home Video, 1992. Laserdisc version)

"Elvis - The TV Times" (Dawn Distribution, 2 DVD)

"Elvis - A 50th Anniversary Celebration" (Passport, 2006, MP4)
May 17th 2023 New today:

"Brilliant Elvis - Rock And Roll" (Cat Clothes Records, 2 CD-set)

"Brilliant Elvis - Movie Songs" (Cat Clothes Records, 2 CD-set)

"Brilliant Elvis - Love Songs & Gospel Favorites" (Cat Clothes Records, 2 CD-set)

"Brilliant Elvis - Country" (Cat Clothes Records, 2 CD-set)

"Elvis 22 - Essential Fifties Splices Volume Two - From Memphis To Nashville" (One/CMT)

"Elvis Country On Stage" (MTP)


"Hang Loose" (STAR)

May 15th 2023 New today:

"The Angela Tapes Volumes 1-7" (King's Court, 7 CD)

"Kansas City '74 Revisited - Limited Edition" (Millbranch Music, 2 CD-set)

"Elvis Is Black!" (VPI Records, RSD 2023, 2 CD-set)

"From Elvis At Sun" (Memphis Mansion)

"That's The Way It Was" (The Godfatherrecords, 2 CD-set)
May 8th 2023 New today:

"Elvis 1972 Revisited" (RedeMptioN, 6 CD-set)

"Off The Record, We're The Greatest Volume 1" (ES CD) 

"Off The Record, We're The Greatest Volume 2" (ES CD) 
May 1st, 2023 "Las Vegas Summer Festival" (MRS, 4 CD-set)

"Southbend To Wichita" (2023, 5 CD-set)
"Unedited Masters Volume 1" (Venus)
April 5th, 2023 YES! DVD:

"SOLD OUT! - Volume Nineteen" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)
March 22nd, 2023 News today:
I'm sure you have noticed the my Elvis Corner looks very much the same as it did 25 years ago, it's crappy, but I'm fine with that. It's the info. that matters. Building/updating the Corner has been harder with every new MacOS, the problems have increased steadily. During the last year, I have been unable to change or update any pictures, and now that I have added the first new PA in a looong time, I notice that I can't link the new title to track list.

I could, of course, re-build the whole thing with up-to-date software...but, I just don't have the time anymore. At the same time, I don't want to shut down, either. So, when you go to the new Pontiac, Michigan source, the track listing is pasted along the description. Not pretty, but that's the way it has to be.

Now, for the good news:

"Heating Up the Silverdome" Pontiac, Michigan. December 31st, 1975 (PA. 2 CD-set)

I believe it's the best source I have heard, and it will probably end up on some bootleg label, sooner than later ;-)

"Elvis - His Best Friend Remembers"
February 20th, 2023 New today:

"60 Million TV Viewers Can't Be Wrong" (Uncensored, 1994)
"A Dinner At The Hilton" (EP Tower)
"Another Night In Tahoe" (Teen Ager Records)
"Back On Stage - Las Vegas 1970" (Pin-Up Records, 3 CD-set)
"Elvis Christmas - The Single Collection" (Gold Standard)
"Elvis Christmas - The Single Collection" (Gold Standard)"
"Elvis' Greatest Shit Volume 2" (Dog Vomit)
"Felton Jarvis 40th Anniversary - The Artist, The Record Producer, The Man Behind Elvis" (Felton Records, 2 CD -set)

February 20th, 2023 New DVDs today:

"SOLD OUT!  - Volume One REMASTER" (Pyramid)
"A Study Of Elvis Presley' In Concert" (Gravel Road Music) (1 DVD + 1 CD)
"A Valentine Gift For You" (2020)
"An Evening in Hampton Roads"
"Elvis - A Louisiana Hayride Scrapbook" (Louisiana Hayride Inc.)
"Special Delivery (Collector's Box)" The EP Company, 2011)
"The Making Of On Tour"(Dawn Distribution)
February 6th, 2023 New today:

"A Legendary Performer Volumes 1 - 8" (Wonderland Records, 8 CD-set)
"1976 Bicentennial" (Wonderland Records, 4 CD-set)
"California Ballads 1960 - 1968" (2019)
"Country Ballads 1967 - 1977...and continued" (2020)
"EFE Promo - Christmas With Elvis - Silent Night" (EFE)
"Elvis Forever Volumes 1-5" (2012, 5 CD-set)
"Elvis In Concert - Final Performances - 1977" (Wonderland Records, 3 CD + 1 DVD-set)
"Rock Box - Classic Radio Broadcasts" (Laser Media, 3 CD-set)
"Studio B - Extended Play Collection" (Gold Standard Series, 5 EP + 1 CD-set)
February 5th, 2023 Massive DVD-update today:

"25 Greatest Film Hits"
"A New Year For Elvis - Classic"
"A New Year For Elvis - Classic Re-release"
"Born To Rock 1"
"CBS Show (DVD 2021 Improved Quality)"
"Concha Time"
"Elvis Has Left The Building (Eternal Flame Productions)"
"Elvis In Concert - Final Performances - 1977 (Wonderland Records CD + DVD) "
"Elvis On Tour - The Alternate Movie"
"Hawaiian Style - Alternate Album"
"Meeting Memories"
"That's The Way It Is - August 4 Rehearsals"
"Through My Eyes - Volume 1"
"Through My Eyes - Volume 2"
"Virginia Loves Elvis - STAR"
"Viva Elvis"
January 29th, 2023 New today:

"Las Vegas Hilton Presents - Opening Night 1972" (MRS)

"That's the Way to Rehearse" (Pin-Up, 4 CD + 2 DVD)

"The Elvis Radio Trilogy (Tony Price)" (DMC, 4 CD-set)

"Alternate Masters Volume 1 - Complete Studio Outtakes Volumes 1-18" (STAR, 18 CD-set)

"Alternate Masters 70s Special - Complete Studio Outtakes - Volumes 1-7" (STAR, 7 CD-set)

"Raised On Promises Of Rockin' Good Times" (STAR)

January 28th, 2023 Great update today:

"1972 Revisited - The 1972 Soundboard Collection & More" (2023, 7 CD-set)
"Burning In Tahoe '76" (MxF, 2 CD-set)
"Harum Scarum" (Popcorn, 2 CD-set)
"Rhythm 'n' Gospel" (Petticoat)
January 26th, 2023 New today:

"The Alternate Masters - Complete Studio Outtakes Volumes 1-25" (STAR, 25 CD-set)
January 25th, 2023 New today:

"Vegas '69 - This Is The Story" (Madison Magical Revival)
"You Asked Me To" (Petticoat)

January 23rd, 2023 New today:

"From Vegas to Tulsa" (V V, 2 CD-set)
"Houston, I'm Back gain" (V V, 2 CD-set)
"Legendary "Spliced" Takes" (RRM, 4 CD-set)
"More "Spliced" Takes" (RRM, 4 CD-set)
January 22nd, 2023 Plenty of news today:

"Elvis 22 - Essential Fifties Splices Volume One" (One/CMT)

"Shooting Star In Largo" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)

"Smooth Chicago Nights" (MxF, 1 CD + 1 DVD-set)

"Spliced Takes" (RRM, 4 CD-set)

"Spliced Takes Continued" (RRM, 4 CD-set)

"Take One" (CMT, 7 CD-set)

"Tigerman - An Alternate Anthology - Vol. 1 - 4" (Wonderland Records, 4 CD-set)

"Tigerman - An Alternate Anthology - Vol. 5 - 8" (Wonderland Records, 4 CD-set)

"Time Is Slipping Away" (E.P. Collector)

"Tour Number 14" (Wonderland Records, 14 CD-set)
January 15th, 2023 New today:

"Elvis On Tour - April 10, 1972" (Golden Globe)

"It's the Elvis Sound of the Sixties 1960-1966" (Petticoat)

"Tampa Wave" (Millbranch, 1 CD / 1 DVD-set)

"The Alternate Today" (Hepcat)

"The Elvis Presley Way - 14 Great Selections!" (Petticoat)

"This Is Elvis" (STAR/CMT)

DVD: "Elvis From Hawaii" (STAR)
December 30th, 2022 New today:

"40 Greatest Hits" (Route Records 2 CD-set)

"Elvis Sings Johnny B. Goode And Other Great Songs" (Paradise Road)

"Elvis Sings Let It Be Me And Other Great Songs" (Paradise Road)

"Summer Festival Reflections Of '71 Volume 1" (Stage Productions, 5 CD-set)

"Summer Festival Reflections Of '71 Volume 2" (Stage Productions, 3 CD-set)

"The ELVIS PRESLEY Story 1935-1977" (EP Gold, 15 CD-set)

"The Real Elvis - Elvis 1972" (Wonderland Records, 10 CD-set)

"There's Always Me" (Wonderland Records 8 CD-set)

"Unedited Masters (Wonderland Records, 4 CD-set)

"Well, It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby" (Radio Recorders)

Moreover, I have upgraded my EFE collection, placing it under the same roof, all filed under E.
December 3rd, 2022 New today:

"Elvis: Live Experience in Vegas...February '71" (2022)

And YES! DVDs:

"SOLD OUT! - Volume Eighteen" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)
November 19th, 2022 New today:

"The Moon is Falling" (SA/SP)

"Blowin' in the Wind" (Reel Trax))
November 1st, 2022 New today:


"From Sea to Millbranch" (Millbranch)
October 21st, 2022 New today!!!:


"SOLD OUT! - Volume Seventeen" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)

October 16th, 2022 New today:

"Elvis For You" (Radio Recorders)

"Frankie and Johnny" (Radio Recorders, 2 CD-set)
October 9th, 2022 New today:

"(Seemingly) Non-Stop Summer" (SA/SP)

"Behind The Curtain" (NGR)


"(It's Fun) Having Elvis On Stage" (STAR)
September 3rd, 2022 New today:

"American Sound - From The Acetates" (Madison)
August 20th, 2022 New today:

"The Dream Project" (Victorola)
August 15th, 2022 New today!!!:


"SOLD OUT! - Volume Sixteen" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)

Please, keep'em coming!!! :-)

July 20th, 2022 Great update today:

"SOLD OUT! - Volume Fifteen" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set) - YES!
"Elvis at the Astrodome" - 1 DVD (Tupelo)


"Elvis at the Astrodome" (Tupelo, 6 CD / 1 DVD-set)
"Elvis Rocks The Garden" (SA/SP, 3 CD-set)
"Elvis Movie Files Volume 1" (Petticoat)

July 2nd, 2022 New today:

"The 1971 Soundboard Collection & More Volume 1"(RedeMptionN, 3 CD-set)
"It's The Elvis Sound Of The Sixties 1966-1969" (Petticoat)
June 9th, 2022 Neat update today:


"Meet Me In Memphis" (STAR, 2022)
June 8th, 2022 New today:

"Las Vegas International Presents Elvis - Now 1971" (MRS, 4 CD-set)
June 6th, 2022 New today:

"A Real Pleasant Performance" (BJ, 2 CD-set)
"Elvis - Rockin' The Early Sixties"(Radio Recorders)
"The Blue Hawaii Recording Sessions"(Radio Recorders)
"The G.I. Blues Recording Session"(Radio Recorders)
"Tickle Me"(Radio Recorders)
"Elvis 28 - Essential Sixties Splices Volume 4"(CMT/Star)
"In A Private Moment Volume 2"
"Midnight In Las Vegas"(Ampex)
April 7th, 2022
New today:


"SOLD OUT! - Volume Fourteen" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)

AR News:

"New Haven July 16th, 1975 Connecticut Connection (PA)": a new 1st source, without comments, has been added.
"Here To Sing" Vegas. March 31st, 1975 MS (PA): a new 1st source has been added.
"Flying Sparks Reno November 24th, 1976 (PA) has been deleted, as it was Evansville October 24th, 1976 misdated.
April 3rd, 2022 New today:

"Black Star" (BILKO)
"I'm Leavin' Volume 1"(Paradise Road)
"I'm Leavin' Volume 2"(Paradise Road)
 "The Bootleg Series Volume 48 - GI  Blues Part I" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. GI Blues Part II" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. GI Blues Part III" (One)
March 26th, 2022 When there's a Sold Out volume, it's always a great update!:


"SOLD OUT! - Volume Thirteen" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)
"The Boston Garden Revisited (Gravel Road-DVD)"


"The 1971 Soundboard Collection" (RedeMptionN, 6 CD-set)
"The Boston Garden Revisited" (Gravel Road)
"The Complete RCA Studio Masters 1956" (MRS, 2 CD-set)
February 24th, 2022 Great update today:

"SOLD OUT! - Volume Twelve" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set) - YES!
"The Way It Really Was - The Complete Uncut Outtakes 2" DVD 1
"The Way It Really Was - The Complete Uncut Outtakes 2" DVD 2


"The Bootleg Series Volume 44 - The Concert Recordings Las Vegas 1971 Part 1" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 45 - The Concert Recordings Las Vegas 1971 Part 2" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 46 - The Concert Recordings Las Vegas 1971 Part 3" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 47 - The Concert Recordings Las Vegas 1971 Part 4" (One)
"Life" (2022)
February 3rd, 2022 New today:

"Elvis On Tour April 18, 1972" (Golden Globe)
"Elvis Presley Live In Vegas,  February 5th 1973"(Rox Vox, MP3 source)
"High Notes At The Kiel" (Rag Doll)
"The Soundboard Series Volume 3" (Petticoat)

"A Legendary Performer Ultimate Vol.5"
"The Champ and the King" (Studio B)
February 2nd, 2022 A good really update today:

"Closing Night - International Hotel -  September 7, 1970" (Paradise Road)
"Double Trouble" (Popcorn, 2 CD-set)
"Elvis - The 1968 TV Special Recordings - Volume I " (Alhecode)
"Elvis - The 1968 TV Special Recordings - Volume II " (Alhecode)
"Elvis 68 - 69 Sessions" (Paradise Road)
"February 1970 - On Stage - The Alternate Recordings" (Paradise Road)
"February, 1970, Las Vegas International Hotel " (No label, 7  CD-set)
"Like a Black Tornado - Live at Boston Garden 1971" (MRS)
"Live In Philadelphia" (Ampex)
"The 1972 Elvis Experience" (RRM, 4  CD-set)
December 25th, 2021 Great update today:

"SOLD OUT! - Volume Eleven" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)

Dallas. November 13, 1971. just doesn't get better than that! Amazing!
November 22nd, 2021 New today:

"Collected Works Part 2 - July-August 1970" (RedeMptionN, 3 CD-set)
"Collected Works Part 3 - August 1970 Rehearsals" (RedeMptionN)


"Collected Works Part 3 -  The Lost Performances 1970-1972" (RedeMptionN)
November 13th, 2021 The top notch quality is maintained:

"SOLD OUT! - Volume Ten" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)
November 6th, 2021 A handful of new CDs today:

"Doncha' Think It's Time" (CMT)
"Elvis 27 - Essential Sixties Splices Volume 3" (CMT/STAR)
"Elvis - July August 1970 - The Rehearsals I" (Alhecode)
"Elivis - July August 1970 - The Rehearsals II" (Alhecode)
October 17th, 2021 New the day Ronnie Tutt left us...

"SOLD OUT! - Volume Nine" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)
October 3rd, 2021 New today:

"Las Vegas International Presents Elvis - September 1970" (MRS, 2 CD-set)
September 25th, 2021 New today:

"From Sioux Falls To Atlanta" (No label, 2021. 5 CD-set)
September 16th, 2021 WHAM!

"SOLD OUT! - Volume Eight" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)
September 12th, 2021 New today:

"Collected Works Part 1 February 1970" (RedeMptionN, 3 CD-set)
"Elvis Presley Live, Las Vegas, 1970" (Rox Vox)
"Elvis Sings Please Release Me And Other Great Songs" (Paradise Road Records)
"Work In Progress - The Singles Collection" (Gold Standard)
"Elvis Sings Double Trouble" (Gold Standard)
September 4th, 2021 An interesting change of dates:

Knoxville Knockout" (E.P. Collector) - solid information changes the show from April 8, 1972 ES to April 8, 1972 AS.
August 28th, 2021 Today's newcomers:

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition - Fall '61 - 60th An. Ed. - The October Sessions" (One, 2 CD-set)
"Elvis 26 - Essential Sixties Splices Volume 2" (CMT/Star)
"Long Lonely Highway Vol. 2 - Nashville 1960-1971" (MTP)
August 15th, 2021 New today:

"Kansas City '74 Revisited" (Millbranch Music, 2 CD + 1 DVD)
August 12th, 2021 New today:

"Kickin' It Down In Baltimore" (Ampex)
July 26th, 2021 A good update today:


"Elvis Behind The Image - A Documentary" (23rd Century EL1840)
Elvis As Recorded At Boston Garden '71"

(I'm still not able to link artwork to the new titles)

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. Summer '61" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 43 The Complete '56 Radio Recorders Sessions" (One)
"The Sun Sessions In Stereo" (Good Music)
"You Know, My Bass Man Is Bound To Die" (Ampex, 2  CD-set)
July 20th, 2021 New today:

"A Powerhouse Performance (Now Entertainment, 9 CD-set)"
"A Legendary Performer Volume 9" (Madison)
"Elvis In Person - Nov. 1970" (Paradise Records)
"Elvis In Person - Sept. 1970" (Paradise Records)
"Elvis Sings Suspicious Minds" (Paradise Records)
"Elvis Houston - From Tulsa To Houston" (V V Records)
July 17th, 2021 The Sold Out series has become increasingly essential for the live DVD collector. If the volumes keep coming and the quality is withheld, you really don't need other releases.

"SOLD OUT! - Volume Seven" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)

ps...I have software issues, and I'm unable to link to the artwork...ds
June 22nd, 2021 What can I say, another stunning volume of the Sold Out series:


"SOLD OUT! - Volume Six" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)
June 21st, 2021 New today:

"The Matrix Recordings (2021, 4 CD-set)
June 12th, 2021 A highly interesting update today:

"Elvis Is Back In Atlanta" (BJ)
"Elvis Presley Recorded Live At The Fontainebleau" (MM)
"Return To The Queen City Of The South" (Audionics, 3 CD-set)
"Stage Power" (Tupelo Productions, 4 CD + 1 DVD)
May 30th, 2021 A GREAT update:


"SOLD OUT! - Volume Four" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)

"SOLD OUT! - Volume Five" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set)

The correct dates and locations for the ”unknown” dates on Volume Five, DVD 2:

Track 9: Seattle. April 29, 1973. ES
Track 10: Oklahoma. July 2nd, 1973. ES
Track 11: Memphis. March 16, 1974. AS
May 23rd, 2021 New today:

"Elvis 25 - Essential Sixties Splices Volume 1" (CMT/STAR)
"Out In Hollywood Volume Four" (MTP Records / STAR)
May 16th, 2021 New today:

"Elvis Sings Sweet Inspiration" (Paradise Road Records)
"The Bootleg Series Original Album Series Flaming Star & Summer Kisses" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. Demo & Acetates" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 42 Bloch Arena Pearl Harbor - The Double Album" (One, 2 CD-set)
May 4th, 2021 "May this update be with you" :-)

"On Tour Elvis April 9, 1972" (Golden Globe Records)
"The '68 Comeback Special Super Box Set" (TeeVee Treasures, 5 CD-set, 2021)
"The Classic Elvis Bootleg Collection Vol. 3" (Elvis Club Berlin, 6 CD-set)
"Las Vegas International Presents Elvis - The First Engagements 1969-'70" (MRS, 3 CD-set)
April 25th, 2021 Another great update:


"SOLD OUT! - Volume Three" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set) - Pure dynamite!!!
March 28th, 2021 A good update today:


"SOLD OUT! - Volume Two" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set) - Volume one was amazing, and Volume two is even better!!!

 "The 8mm Underground Films - Elvis A Medley of Costumes Vol. 1" (Cine8)



"Elvis - The Alternate 1969 Recordings" (Alhecode)

"Elvis Sings Don't Cry Daddy And Other Great Songs" (Paradise Road)

"Elvis Sings Polk Salad Annie And Other Great Songs" (Paradise Road)
March 14th, 2021 New today:

"Elvis Summer Festival 1970 - The Rehearsals" (MRS, 3 CD-set)
March 6th, 2021 New today:

"A Valentine Gift For You Vol I" (One)

"A Valentine Gift For You Vol I" (One)

"Elvis Sings Oh, Happy Day And Other Great Songs
" (Paradise Road)

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition Elvis Presley Sings Flaming Star " (One)
March 3rd, 2021 New today:

"Elvis Rocks and the Girls Roll
" (Pink & Black)
February 21st, 2021 A rare occasion these days, a new PA. The source is "Ed of King's Court Reacts to New Haven July 16th, 1975". Until Ed decides to make a proper release, this is the best we have:

"New Haven July 16th, 1975 Connecticut Connection (PA)"
February 8th, 2021 2nd update in two days:

"At 42 Still Dazzles Fans" (Matrix)

"Toledo Saturday Night" (Matrix)

"King Creole & More In Stereo" (Good Music)

"The Soundboard Series Volume 2
" (Petticoat)
February 7th, 2021 New today:

"Night Of The Dragon" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)

"The Soundboard Series Volume 2
" (Petticoat)

"Vegas Throat  - In Person 50th Anniversary 1969" (STAR/CMT)
January 23rd, 2021 A really good update today:

"Elvis in Concert" (2021) - a real treat, the best quality I've seen!
January 14th, 2021 New today:

"Elvis As Recorded Live In Huntsville '75" (REVISITED)
"Atlanta Weekend '76" (AudiRec), 3 CD-set)
January 10th, 2021 First update of the year:

"Sold Out - Volume One" (Pyramid, 2 DVD-set) - amazing release!!!

"Memphis Outtakes" (827 Thomas Street, mp3 + wav. source)
December 26th, 2020 A real Christmas Present :-)

The Bootleg Series. New Album Series. A Legendary Christmas" (One)
"Easy Come, Easy Go" (Gold Standard)
"Girl Happy" (Gold Standard)
"Stay Away, Joe" (Gold Standard)
"Elvis His First Christmas Album Now In Stereo" (Good Music)
"Tinseltown Troubadour vol. 2" (Good Music)
"Feelin' Fast Vibrations - Aug. 21st, 1974 MS Matrix" (Cocky Rooster)
December 13th, 2020 New today:

"Good Times In Vegas" (Touchdown)
"Ol' Swivel Hips Still Wovs' Em" (RedeMptioN), 6 CD-set)
November 22nd, 2020 New today:

"Elvis Rocks the Hilton" (CSA/SP, 3 CD-set)
November 14th, 2020 New today:

"Spliced Takes Special - Roustabout At The Fair" (CMT/STAR)
"To Good To Be True - Live Chronicles volume three" (CMT, 2 CD-set)

"Get Back The Fantasy Series" (STAR, 2020)
October 26th, 2020 A really good update today:

"A Vegas Treat" (ECF)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition California Holiday" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Original Album Series Elvis Presley Sings Lieber & Stoller" (One)
"Tinseltown Troubadour vol 1"
(Lauderdale Records)

September 21st, 2020 New today:

"The Bootleg Series Volume 40  Bel Air California - The Home Recordings" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 41 The Complete 1956 Nashville Sessions" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition That's Someone You Never Forget" (One)

September 6th, 2020 A pretty good update today:

"Stage Highlights & Rarities Four" (ECF)
"Stage Highlights & Rarities Five" (ECF)
"Stage Highlights & Rarities Six" (ECF)

"42 Years Before & After " (2019, 2 CD-set)

"Summer Vacation Special" (One)
August 20th, 2020 New today:

"Flying in Twice" (EP, 2 CD-se)
"October 1976
" (No label, 5 CD-set)
July 28th, 2020 A good update today:

"Stage Highlights & Rarities One" (ECF)
"Stage Highlights & Rarities Two" (ECF)
"Stage Highlights & Rarities Three" (ECF)

"A Whole Lotta Power Going On " (CMT, 2 CD-set)

And a good DVD:

"And I Love You So" (STAR)
July 8th, 2020 New today:

"The Alternate Golden Records EP Collection" -  bonus disc (Gold Standard Series)
July 2nd, 2020 4 CD-set new today:

"Elvis By Request Of Japanese Fans" (No label, 2019)
July 2nd, 2020 New today:

"Elvis Summer Festival Opening Night 72" (Kid Kielbasa)
"100 Super Rocks
" (German Edition, 5 CD-set)
"The Alternate Golden Records Album Collection" (Gold Standard Series, 5 CD-set)
July 1st, 2020 A small update:

"Lonesome August Nights" (SR, 2 CD-set)
June 25th, 2020 New today:

"Recording Sessions For Pot Luck Volume 1" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For Harum Scarum" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For On Stage" (STAR)
"The DooWop Collection" (TD)
June 14th, 2020 Three good Ones!

"The Bootleg Series Volume 38 The Elvis On Tour Recordings " (2 CD-set, One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 39 The Man The Legend The Entertainer" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition - All Shook Up! - Across The Country 1957" (One)

June 7th, 2020 A fun update to make:

"Tracks 'N' Grooves" (Petticoat)
"Still Classy In Omaha" (Verve)
"Down By The Falls" (Touchdown)

DVD: "Elvis En El Luna"
May 23rd, 2020 2nd update of the day:

"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings Arthur Big Boy Crudup" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings Don Robertson" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings Ivory Joe Hunter" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings New Orleans" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings Otis Blackwell" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings Pomus & Shuman" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings Speciality" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings Stan Kesler" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings The Hits Of Atlantic" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings The Hits Of Doo Wop" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Elvis Sings The Hits Of Sun" (STAR)

"Elvis Reborn - New Mono to Stereo Mixes" (Voice Masters)
"Elvis Reborn - Volume 2 - More Mono to Stereo Mixes" (Voice Masters)
May 23rd, 2020 New today:

"December '76" (7 CD-set, 2020)
May 17th, 2020 New today:

"Made In Memphis Volume Two" (MTP)
"Spliced Takes Special - Spinout On The Speedway
" (CMT/Star)
May 11th, 2020 Three new Ones :-)

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition Chicas !!! Chicas !!! Chicas !!!" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 36 From Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California - Part 3"(One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 37 Elvis Presley 50's" (One)
May 3rd, 2020 Two PA-shows have been added, in order to reflect the change of dates on February 7th, 1974:

"Las Vegas February 7th, 1974 DS Welcome to our first show of the evening (PA)"
"Las Vegas February 7th, 1974 MS Expecting Something Good (PA)"
April 15th, 2020 A change of date:

"Vegas 02/07/74 DS" is actually MS

"Vegas 02/07/74 DMS" is actually DS
April 3rd, 2020 A small update before the weekend:

"Spliced Takes Special - Fun In Acapulco" (CMT/Star)
"STAR Mini - It's Now or Never" (STAR)
"Stranger In The Crowd - The Definite 70's Ballads" (STNR)
March 4th, 2020 A pretty good update today:

"40 Greatest! - the Pink Album" (2020)
"Hometown Memphis - As Recorded In Memphis Tennessee" (2020, 6 CD-set)

"My, It's Been A Long Time" (Luxor, 2020)
"The Best Of The New Recordings" (Good Music)
"Work In Progress - The Guitar Man Album Sessions Volume 1" (2020, 2 CD-set)
February 11th, 2020 New today:

"Southbound" (Luxor/DAE, 2020))
"Elvis '77 The Final Curtain Ultimate Edition" (Rock & Roll Kingdom re-release, 14 CD/6 DVD-set)
February 9th, 2020 Three from One:

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition Inside Elvis" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 34 Christmas Sessions" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 35 1968 - The Unreleased Recordings  (One)
January 18th, 2020 First update of the decade, and a good one too!

"Firing On All Cylinders" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)
"First in Line Volume 2" (MxF, 2 CD-set)
"Knoxville Knockout" (EP Collector)
"Love My Teddy Bear Tender" (EP Collector)

December 7th, 2019 New today:

"The Guitar Player Worth a Damn! - The King in Motion vol. 4" (Venus, 2 CD-set, no DVD)
"Elvis Back in Living Stereo" (MRS, 6 CD-set)
November 12th, 2019 How about this update!?!:

"Friday Night Lights" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)
"Mele Mai Ka Lani Mai" (Venus, 3 CD-set)
"Green Peppers, Onions And Catfish" (EP)
"Softly, As I Leave You" (EP)
October 30th, 2019 Two new titles from MTP/STAR:

"The Nashville Marathon Volume 2" (MTP/STAR)
"Out In Hollywood Volume 3" (MTP/STAR)
October 29th, 2019 Four new titles from STAR:

"Baby I Don't Care" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For Easy Come, Easy Go" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For Love Letters, TTWII, Country" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For Loving You" (STAR)
October 5th, 2019 An exciting release new today:

"From Sunset Blvd. To Paradise Road" (DAE 2019, the four CDs from the 4 LP/4 CD-release).

September 25th, 2019 4 CD-set new today:

"From Lake Charles To Murfreesboro / Elvis Rocks Again in 1975" (No label, 2019)
September 22nd, 2019 New CD today:

"Spliced Takes Special - Viva Las Vegas" (STAR/CMT)
September 15th, 2019 New CDs today:

"The European Side of Elvis" (2019)
"Words and Music" (2019)

It's really 6-panel digipack 2 CD-set, but as they are re-releases of two titles, I have filed them separately.
September 14st, 2019 Vegas 02/22/70 is really DS, and not MS (as the recent release "Kentucky Rain" states, so..."On Stage in Vegas - 02/22/70" (PA) is back to DS,
September 1st, 2019 The second new CD for the weekend:

"Virginia Is For Elvis Lovers" (Black Diamond)
August 31st, 2019 New CD today:

"Singer Present Elvis '68 Comeback Special (2019)" (Venus - budget release, with no book.)
August 2nd, 2019 A few new DVDs:

"The 70s Interviews" (Rare Records)
"The Searcher Promo"
"Elvis TV Night Volume 10"
July 21st, 2019 New CDs today:

"Elvis Sessions From Clambake" (Victorola, 3 CD-set)
"Recording Sessions For Jailhouse Rock" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For Sun Records" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For Wild in the Country" (STAR)
"STAR Mini - Reimagined Jailhouse Rock in Stereo" (STAR)
July 21st, 2019 A high octane update today:

"I Do A Lot O' Things, But I Can't Fly! (Touchdown)
"Kentucky Rain" (SA/SP)
"Like a Greek God" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)
"Welcome To South Bend, Indiana (Verve)

N.B. The Touchdown release changes the date for the PA CD "Shake It Loose!", from 08/20/71 MS to
08/20/71 DS
July 6th, 2019 A heavy update today:

"By Request The 1970's" (Dirty Designs)
"Elvis 6363 Sunset Volume 2" (MTP)
"Elvis Sings The Harmony" (Reel Trax)
"Gonna Get Back Home Somehow" (KTC)
"My Kind Of Blues" (Petticoat, Bonus CD)
"Strike Like Lightning" (SA/SP)
"The Classic Elvis Bootleg Collection Vol. 2" (Elvis Club Berlin, 6 CD-set)
"There's No Tomorrow " (SR, Bonus CD)
"Vegas Ballads 1969-1975" (AK)


"Aloha From Hawaii - The Ultimate Experience"
June 9th, 2019 Four new DVDs:

"Elvis in Las Vegas Vol. 1"
"Elvis in Las Vegas Vol. 2"
"America the Beautiful Volume 1" (King of Kings)
"America the Beautiful Volume 2" (King of Kings)
May 26th, 2019 New CDs today:

"Out In Hollywood Volume 2" (MTP Records)
"Duets & Harmonies" (CMT/Star)
May 18th, 2019 An interesting update:

"Help Me Make it Through the Night / Elvis Rocks in 1975" (No label 2019, 4 CD set)


"An Originator at Work - Baton Rouge 06/18/74" (PA) has turned out to be the bad sounding, but highly interesting "A Scarf and a Crucifix - Monroe 03/08/74, where Elvis gives the five year old Rhonda Boler a scarf, and stops the show when he sees that another fans takes the scarf from Rhonda, and instead he gives her the crucifix he wore around his neck.

Now, we only have to find the real Baton Rouge concert :-)

May 1st, 2019 A good update today:

"Return to Sender - The Summer of '76" (Audionics)
"A Shining Star" (EP)
STAR Mini - Mississippi Meets Georgia (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For Elvis Presley" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For Frankie and Johnny" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For It Happened At The World's Fair" (STAR)
April 22nd, 2019 New CDs today:

"Guitar Man" (Jarvis Records)
"Hollywood Ballads 1960 - 1968" (AK)
"The Classic Elvis Bootleg Collection Vol. 1 " (Elvis Club Berlin, 6 CD-set)
April 7th, 2019 New today:

"STAR Mini  - Suspicious Minds (Live)"
"A New Date With Elvis" (Star)
"Spliced Takes - Ghetto Power" (CMT, 2 CD set)
"Made In Germany - The Complete Private Recordings" (MRS, 4 CD set)
March 16th, 2019 A handful of new CDs:

"Elvis Singing Flaming Star And Others" (CMT/Star)
"First in Line" (MxF, 2 CD-set)
"I Sing All Kinds Of Styles" (DCR)
"Spliced Takes Special - Blue Hawaii" (CMT/Star)
"STAR Mini  - I Really Don't Want To Know"
March 2nd, 2019 A new CD:

"Memphis Ballads 1969-1976" (AK)

February 10th, 2019 Another good DVD update:

"All The King's Men" - all six volumes
February 10th, 2019 New CDs today:

"Bumps Are Gone, But He's Still King" (EP)
"Elvis April 10, 1972 Richmond" (Victorola, 2 CD-set)
"Recording Sessions For Stay Away Joe" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For TTWII, Love Letters, Country" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For Elvis Is Back" (STAR)
January 28th, 2019 It’s been years since I last had to delete a show - but I’m afraid that ”Reckless In Vegas”  Vegas. August 15th, 1973. DS is a poorer copy of  ”After the Falling Moon” Vegas. August 9th, 1973. MS. Thanks for the help, David.

”Reckless In Vegas”  Vegas. August 15th, 1973. DS is out, at least until more information comes up.
January 17th, 2019 A really good DVD update:

"Elvis TV Night Volume 1"
"Elvis TV Night Volume 6"
"Elvis TV Night Volume 7"
"Elvis TV Night Volume 8"
"Elvis TV Night Volume 9 - Part 1"
"Elvis TV Night Volume 9 - Part 2"
"Elvis TV Night Volume 11"
"Elvis TV Night Volume 12"
January 4th, 2019 First update of the year:

"First Time In Huntsville" (V V, the bonus CD)
"From The Army Reels" (VIK)
"The Sound Of Your Cry" (No label, 2018)

December 13th, 2018 New CDs today:

"The Asheville Marathon" (AudioRec, 4 CD-set)
"Recording Sessions For Girl Happy" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions For The Next Single" (STAR)
"Spliced Takes - Stax Power" (STAR/CMT, 2 CD-set)
"Spliced Takes Special - Wonderful Winter Wonderland" (STAR/CMT)
November 29th, 2018 What an fascinating update to make!!!

"Avventura In Oriente" (Victorola, 3 CD-set)
"Black Tornado" (EP, 2 CD-set)
"My Wish Came True" (SA/SP)
"Rumble In Rhode Island" (SA/SP)
"There's A Sweet Spirit In This Place" (SA/SP)

November 15th, 2018 Massive update today:

"Elvis At The Movies" (RDM, 1 CD / 1 DVD)
"Live In The 50's & On Television" (RDM, 1 CD / 1 DVD)
"Elvis Sings Mort Shuman And Doc Pomus" (2018)
"King Of The Whole Wide World - The Kid Galahad Sessions" (4 CD-set, 2018)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. Soundtrack Sessions" (One)
"Pure & Simple 2 - The Pure Sound of Elvis" (One)

"The King" (Sundance)
November 12th, 2018 New CDs today:

"Are You Lonesome Tonight? - The Uncut Bad Nauheim Tapes" (VIK, 3 CD-set)

"Elvis - June '75" (RRM, 4 CD-set)

And a DVD:

"I'm Saved" (STAR)
October 30th, 2018 New today:


"The Bootleg Series Special Edition Young And Beautiful Recorded in Stereo" (One)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 33 1967 - The Unreleased Recordings" (One)


"A Legendary Performer Volume 3"

"A Legendary Performer Volume 4"

"A Legendary Performer Ultimate Edition Volume 3"

"Chain Reaction” (Star)


"Pittsburgh ’76"

”The Elvis Presley Movie Songs Volume 6”

”1977 RCA Elvis In Concert Album”

October 21st, 2018 New today:

"The Bootleg Series Volume 31 The Bad Nauheim Tapes Part I" (One, 2 CD-set)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 32 The Bad Nauheim Tapes Part 2" (One)
October 7th, 2018 New CDs today:

"Swinging Into The Action" (SR, 2 CD-set)
"Elvis Swinging Sixties" (Petticoat)
STAR Mini - Tickle Me" (STAR)
"Return Of The Pelvis" (V V, Bonus CD)
October 3rd, 2018 And...more DVDs:

"8mm Archives Volume 1"
"8mm Archives Volume 2"
"8mm Archives Volume 3"
"8mm Archives Volume 4"
"8mm Archives Volume 5"
September 22nd, 2018 A handful of new CDs:

"Spliced Takes Special - Elvis Summer Festival" (CMT/Star)

"The 50's In Stereo" (Vee-Tone)

"The Perfect 1" (Gladyson, 2 CD-set)
September 16th, 2018 More, DVDs:

"The Disco Film Shows Volume 1" (AVSP)
"The Disco Film Shows Volume 2" (AVSP)
"The Disco Film Shows Volume 3" (AVSP)
"The Disco Film Shows Volume 4" (AVSP)
"The Disco Film Shows Volume 5" (AVSP)
"The Disco Film Shows Volume 6" (AVSP)
"The Disco Film Shows Volume 7" (AVSP)
September 9th, 2018 A short break from the DVD-crusade:

"Nashville Ballads 1960-1967" (AK)

"Walk a Mile in My Shoes - On Stage January-February 1970" (RedeMptioN), 7 CD-set)

"Unedited Masters - LIFE" (Venus)
September 4th, 2018 DVDs, DVDs, DVDs:

"Rockin' the Nation Volume 1"
"Rockin' the Nation Volume 2"
"Rockin' the Nation Volume 3"
"Rockin' the Nation Volume 4"
"Rockin' the Nation Volume 5"
"Rockin' the Nation Volume 10"
"Rockin' the Nation Volume 14"

August 29th, 2018 DVD bonanza keeps rolling on!!!:

"From the Master Tapes 1 - DVD of the Month Volume 1"
"From the Master Tapes 1 - DVD of the Month Volume 2"
"From the Master Tapes 1 - DVD of the Month Volume 3"
"From the Master Tapes 1 - DVD of the Month Volume 4"
"Elvis the Army Years - DVD of the Month Volume 6"
"The Madison Square Garden Concerts"
"The Elvis On Tour Concerts"

(no artwork involved)
August 23rd, 2018 Even more additions to my DVD-collection:

"The Elvis Presley Movie Songs Volume 1"
"The Elvis Presley Movie Songs Volume 2"
"The Elvis Presley Movie Songs Volume 3"
"The Elvis Presley Movie Songs Volume 4"
"The Elvis Presley Movie Songs Volume 5"
"The Private Tapes Volume 4"(WLR)
"The Private Tapes Volume 7"(WLR)
August 18th, 2018 More additions to my DVD-collection:

"Elvis in the 70s Volume 3" (Rare Records)
"Elvis in the 70s Volume 5" (Rare Records)
"Rare Footage volume 6"
"Rare Footage volume 7"
"Rare Footage volume 8"
August 12th, 2018 A good handful of additions to my DVD-collection:

"Something Better, Something New Volume 5"
"Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 6"
"Soldier Boy  53 310 761"
"Special Delivery - Special Moments"
"Young Man of the Nation"
"The King's Masters Volume 5"
"The King's Masters Volume 11"
"Elvis, The Beauty Queen & Me Volume 2"

August 8th, 2018 New DVD today:

"Rare Clips Volume 3" (Ed Productions)
August 7th, 2018 New today:

"Elvis April 14 1972 Greensboro" (Victorola, 2 CD-set)
July 25th, 2018 Two newcomers:

"Elvis Summer Festival" (AK)

"From Omaha To Rapid City" (No label, 2 CD-set) - NB: origins from Mp3 source!
July 11th, 2018 Two new ones from E.P. Collector:

"The First Time Ever I Lay With You" (E.P.)
"Looked into the Wings" (E.P.)
July 9th, 2018 I'm really happy to make this update:

"The King in Motion - Tearing 'Em Up!" (Venus, 1 DVD + 1 CD)...the book is simply stunning!!!

"Unedited Masters - The Next Generation" (Venus)
July 8th, 2018 New today:

"From the Beginning to the End Deluxe Edition" (SR, 2 CD-set)
June 24th, 2018 News for today:

"I'm Evil - Elvis Live Chronicles Volume One" (CMT/Star)
"Spliced Takes Special - 3764 The Final Recordings" (CMT/Star)
"Recording Sessions For Clambake" (Star)
June 17th, 2018 New today:

"The Elvis Presley Camden Collection" (No label, 12 CD-set)
"From Elvis With Love" (AK)

May 26th, 2018 A superb update today:

"At The International 1971" (Touchdown)
"Live In Los Angeles" (Touchdown)
"Million Dollar Quartet" (HooDoo)
"Mystery Train - The Sun Recordings" (HooDoo)
"Saturday Night Fever" (Ragdoll)
"The Complete 50s Movie and Session Recordings" (MRS, 5 CD-set)
May 1st, 2018 News for today:

"I Walk the Line" (RedeMptioN 4 CD-set)
April 22nd, 2018 New today:

"For the Good Times - Elvis On Tour" (No label)

April 18th, 2018 New today:

"Elvis Sings For Children and Grownups Too! - 40th anniversary edition 1978-2018" (No label)

"The 1973 Elvis Experience" (RRM, 4 CD-set)


"The Searcher" (HBO, SL)

"The Searcher" (HBO, DL)
April 7th, 2018 Correction of a date:

New information has come forward:

"Providence 06/22/74 AS", is really
"Providence 06/22/74 ES".

New artwork has been made and
"Inca Gold - Providence 06/22/74 AS" has been deleted, in favour of:
"Swaying and Swirling - Providence 06/22/74 ES"
March 31st, 2018 Two new "Spliced Takes":

"Spliced Takes - Easter Eggs" (CMT/STAR)
"Spliced Takes Special - Kissin' Cousins" (CMT/STAR)

March 27th, 2018 Three straight arrows right in bull's eye!

"He's The One In '71" (SA/SP)

"Philadelphia Freedom" (SA/SP)

"Rippin' It In Cincinnatti" (SA/SP)
March 18th, 2018 A new DVD:

"Elvis - The Rebirth of the King" (BBC Four)
March 11th, 2018 New today:

"Behind Closed Doors" (Hepcat, 2 CD-set)
"Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - best of seventyone" (AK)
"Recording Sessions for Country, Love Letters, TTWII" (STAR)
"Recording Sessions for KING CREOLE" (STAR)
March 3rd, 2018 A new DVD:

"Golden Greats" (Angry Penguin)
February 25th, 2018 Second update this weekend:

Here I go Again (DAE)" - Updated bonus CD, part of the 2018 DAE vinyl release
February 24th, 2018 News for today:

"Big Boss Man in Vegas" (RRM, 4 CD-set)

"Pure & Simple - The Pure Sound of Elvis" (One)
February 18th, 2018 New today:

"Spliced Takes - G.I. Blues" (CMT)
January 27th, 2018 A highly interesting update:

"Elvis On Tour Deluxe Edition" (Amiga, 9 CD-set)

"The Bootleg Series The Genre Collection Elvis - Gospel" (One)

"The Bootleg Series The Genre Collection Elvis - Rock&Roll" (One)
January 11th, 2018 First update of 2018 is a good one:

"Live at Las Vegas Hilton 1972" (RRM, 4 CD-set)
"Rock 'N' On Volume 1" (No label)
"Rock 'N' On Volume 2" (No label)
"Suppose - The Home Recordings Volume 2" (FEFO)
"The Intimate Elvis Presley" (AK)
"The King Strikes Back" (Audionics, 10 CD-set)

And the DVD:

"An Evening With.....Elvis' Friends and Original Musicians" - the show is touring in 2018, and if you haven't seen it...go and see it!
December 31st, 2017 The final update of 2017, is a combo CD, a University dissertation on the subject of Hound Dog, along with an illustrating CD.

"Elvis I Svenska Öron" (SCANA)
December 23rd, 2017 Got no sleigh with reindeer, no sack on my back...but I have a really Christmas update!

"Breakdown in Baltimore 40 Years After Vol 3" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)
"Rockin' and Lovin' In Las Vegas" (SA/SP)
"Stormy Weather Ahead" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 29 Army Days - Revisited Part I" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 30 Army Days - Revisited Part II" (One)
"The Bootleg Series. New Album Series. Night & Day In Nashville" (One)
"Still A Legend" (MxF, 2 CD-set)

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!
December 10th, 2017 New CD today:

"Please Stay in Your Seats" (Ragdoll)
December 9th, 2017 New today:

"Rocks the Garden" (SR Special Products: 2 LP vinyl rip)
December 2nd, 2017 New today:

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition Past Masters Volume 2" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. Anthology Part Two" (Elvisone)
"The Bootleg Series. New Album Series. Christmas" (One)
"Love Letters - Spliced Takes Special" (CMT/STAR)

"An Elvis Trilogy" (STAR, DL)

November 14th, 2017 New CD today:

"Standing in the Rain" (Ampex)
November 4th, 2017 An interesting update today:

"Live In Lake Tahoe - Tahoe '73" (Ragdoll)
"Recording Sessions For Kid Galahad" (Star)
"Recording Sessions For Paradise, Hawaiian Style" (Star)
"Young And Beautiful - Houston '71" (SR - "Rocks the Garden" bonus CD)
"C'mon Everybody" (CD 2518)


"Elvis Loves Virginia - Digitally Remastered" (Star)
October 22nd, 2017 New CDs today:

"A Song For Sheila" (E.P. Collector)
"A Sensational Opening Night" (E.P. Collector)
October 7th, 2017 New today:

"Private Presley" (Jukebox Legends)
"Spliced Takes - Still In Memphis" (CMT)
"The Alternate Moody Blue" (Hepcat)


"Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 8" (JAT)
"Elvis Live In Concert - FedExForum August 16th  2017"
September 22nd, 2017 A very unusual report:

My old stereo vinyl player died some twenty years ago, I haven’t been able to play my pretty extensive vinyl collection since then, and, to be honest, with no real regret.

A few weeks back, at the spur of moment, I bought a small, retro vinyl player, just for the fun of it. And, I wasn’t really prepared for the impact…wow, straight between the eyes…playing the old LPs, that once, in the stone age, meant the world to me…and the records just hit chords in me, that I wasn’t really prepared for…NO, not as clear, NO, not without vinyl statics…and, no bonus tracks…

But…there’s..a fluency, Elvis’ voice soars so effortlessly…and…I’m thrown back to where I was…at my parents' record player in 1975, playing ”The Rockin' Days”, when I just knew, that Elvis was IT!

August 29th, 2017 New today:

"Texas Tornado" (RRM, 4 CD-set)
August 27th, 2017 News for today:

"The Concert Series  Volume 01 - Jailhouse Rock" (Unicorn, 2 CD-set)

"The Concert Series  Volume 02 - An American Trilogy" (Unicorn, 2 CD-set)

"The Concert Series  Volume 03 - What Now My Love?" (Unicorn, 2 CD-set)

"The Concert Series  Volume 04 - Big Boss Man" (Unicorn, 2 CD-set)

"The Concert Series  Volume 05 - Fairytale" (Unicorn, 2 CD-set)

"The Concert Series  Volume 06 - How Great Thou Art" (Unicorn, 2 CD-set)


"His Brilliance Volume 1"

"His Brilliance Volume 2"

"His Brilliance Volume 3"

"His Brilliance Volume 4"
August 7th, 2017 New today:

"Behind Closed Doors" (Laurel)
"Breaking News" (EP)
"Change Of Habit" (MS)
"Elvis Sings The Fabulous Sound Of The Sixties" (No Label)
"Everybody Let's Rock (EP, 2 CD-set)
"Golden Boy" (SHPY)
"Greensboro '77" (Ragdoll)
"It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You - Special Edition (No label)
"Recording Sessions For Guitar Man" (Star)

"Recording Sessions For Spinout" (Star)
"The Lost Stereo Tapes" (Miracle Surface)
"The Wonderful World Of Elvis - Alternate Christmas Takes" (Godfather)
July 23rd, 2017 An unusually big update, for being July:

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition Elvis All American Boy" (One)
"Spliced Takes - Nashville Revisited" (CMT)
"Hot Summer In 1973" (SR)
"Elvis Country Memories" (No label, 2017)
"Elvis At Madison Square Garden" (FTD)
"That's The Way It Was" (RRM, 8 CD + 3 DVD-set)
"ELVIS The Definitive Critical Review" (Ragnarock, 3 DVD-set)
"Welcome Home Elvis - The Timex Shows Vol 2" (1 DVD)
July 1st, 2017 Loads of good CDs today:

"Beyond All Bounds" (Touchdown)
"December Heights" (Touchdown)
"Elvis Studio Sessions '56 The Complete Recordings" (MRS, 3 CD-set)
"Hilton Showroom Volume 7" (AudioRec)
"On Fire In Florida" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)
"Paradise Hawaiian Style - Drums Of The Islands" (No label 2017, 3 CD-set)

June 17th, 2017 A fun update to make:

"The '68 Comeback Special Super Box Set" (TeeVee Treasures, 5 CD-set) - Beautiful!!!
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition Kid Galahad Follow That Dream One (One)"

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition Kid Galahad Follow That Dream Two (One)"
"Great Moments With Elvis (2017)"
"Elvis (SP-106)"

"Master & Session - May Way Part 1"
"Master & Session - May Way Part 2" - Excellent work!
June 11th, 2017 News for today:

"Elvis In Concert - No Comments (40th Anniversary Edition)" (CMT/STAR)
"Packing The Arena"  (MxF, 2 CD-set)

"Recording Sessions For Follow That Fream" (Star)
"Recording Sessions For Fun in Acapulco" (Star)

May 25th, 2017 New today, the STAR Mini Series - a good pile of 25 CDs and two DVDs:

STAR Mini - Ain't That Loving You Baby (STAR)
STAR Mini - Big Boss Man (STAR)
STAR Mini - Burning Love (STAR)
STAR Mini - Change Of Habit EP (STAR)
STAR Mini - Christmas Songs (STAR)
STAR Mini - Clean Up Your Own Backyard (STAR)
STAR Mini - Do The Clam (STAR)
STAR Mini - Double Trouble (STAR)
STAR Mini - Easy Come, Easy Go (STAR)
STAR Mini - Evergreen (STAR)
STAR Mini - Fever (STAR)
STAR Mini - Follow That Dream (STAR)
STAR Mini - Guitar Man (STAR)
STAR Mini - If Everyday Was Like Christmas (STAR)
STAR Mini - Jailhouse Rock (STAR)
STAR Mini - Kentucky Rain (STAR)
STAR Mini - Live A Little Love A Little (STAR)
STAR Mini - My Way (STAR)
STAR Mini - Only Believe (STAR)
STAR Mini - She's Not You (STAR)
STAR Mini - Stay Away Joe (STAR)
STAR Mini - Suspicious Minds (STAR)
STAR Mini - That's All Right (STAR)
STAR Mini - Viva Las Vegas (STAR)

STAR Mini DVD - Help Me
STAR Mini DVD - Raising The Bar
May 14th, 2017 Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy:

"Lost in the Mail" (Ragdoll)

"Recording Sessions For Kissin Cousins" (Star)

"Recording Sessions For Roustabout" (Star)

"Rock and Beauty" (SR, 2 CD-set)

"Spliced Takes - Blue Moon" (CMT)

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition From Elvis In New York 1956" (One)

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition Past Masters" (One)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 27 Work In Progress - Volume 3" (One)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 28 Work In Progress - Volume 4" (One)
April 22nd, 2017 Great update today!!!

"Got Me Workin' Big Boss Man" (SA/SP)

"A Brand New Cadillac, Honey!" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)

"A Barrage of Flashbulbs - Atlanta 06/06/76 AS" (PA) has now a new (2 CD-set) 1st source.

April 12th, 2017 News for today:

Recording Sessions for Viva Las Vegas" (Star)

The Wonder of You" (Star, 2017)
March 30th, 2017 New today:

"Let Me..Sing Again" (MxF)

"Elvis at the Movies" (Not Now Music, 3 CD-set)
March 25th, 2017 An interesting update today:

"Wild in Wichita" (E.P. Collector)
March 12th, 2017 New today:

"Hilton Showroom Volume 6 (AudioRec, 2 CD-set)
"Double Trouble" (Star)
"Easy Come, Easy Go" (Star)
"Spliced Takes - Hollywood Revisited (CMT)
February 27th, 2017 Today brings a fine update:

"Long Tall Sally" (Ampex) - puts my old PA to shame...
"The Essential Undubbed Masters 1969-1976. The Pure Sound of Elvis  Volumes 1-8" (No label, 2017. 8 CD-set) Nothing new, but a stunning set!
February 19th, 2017 New today:

"Connie & Elvis - Love Me Tender" (Concetta)

"Sahara Tahoe" (AudioRec)

"Scotty Moore - The Right Hand Of The King" (Hoodoo)
 "The Bootleg Series Work in Progress Volume 1" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Work in Progress Volume 2" (One)
January 29th, 2017 News for today:

Until It's Time For You To Go (Songs of Love and Heartache)" (APL-0516)
Elvis - Something For Everybody (Alternate Album)" (LPM/LSP-2360)

Correction of a PA-date:

"Not Through Singing
- Vegas. 08/24/73 DS" (PA) - it was previously wrongly dated 08/25/73 DS.
January 15th, 2017 Another new PA:

"Elvis Finds Power, Spark & Soul
- Charlotte. 02/20/77" (PA)

- I think the sound is a tad better, compared to what we've had from before.

A Double Date at the Gate - 40th Anniversary Edition" (Mickey Alba Records, 2 CD-set)
January 6th, 2017 A new PA:

Adrift in a Galaxy of Flashbulbs - Hollywood, FL. 02/12/77" (PA)

- this isn't bad at all, Elvis sounds really good!
January 2nd, 2017 A new year and an update I'm proud to make, as new ARs are extremely rare, these days...and it's a fantastic show (Well done Cisco!!!):

"Beaming Spotlights in Greensboro - Greensboro. 03/13/74" (PA)
December 30th, 2016 Last update of the year:

"A Legendary Performer vol. 1 - Ultimate Edition"
"A Legendary Performer vol. 2 - Ultimate Edition"
December 28th, 2016 Now, this is interesting!:

"12:00am" (Ragdoll, 2 CD-set)
December 26th, 2016 HoHoHo...a Christmas update:

"Make the World Go Away" (EP)
"The Bootleg Series The Genre Collection - The Blues" (One)
"The Bootleg Series The Genre Collection - Ultimate Love" (One)

December 18th, 2016 Another grand update, I'm happy to make:

"A Vegas Fling With The King" (SA, 2 CD-set)
"Heart And Soul" (EP)

"The Wonder of You" (with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

December 4th, 2016 Excellent update:

"Christmas With Love" (New E)
"Elvis On Tour - The Standing Room Only Tapes Volume 2" (Magnetic, 4 CD)
"Spliced Takes - Snowbird" (CMT)
"Spliced Takes - T.R.O.U.B.L.E." (CMT)
"The Bootleg Series Original Album Series. Elvis' Christmas Album 2016" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. Canada 1957" (One)
November 20th, 2016 Two fine releases from Touchdown today!!!

"A Night In Saginaw" (Touchdown)
"Sunset In Vegas" (Touchdown)
November 13th, 2016 New today:

"You Gave Me a Mountain" (RRM, 4 CD-set)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition. The Movie Album Volume 2" (One)
"The Bootleg Series. New Album Series. Made in the USA (One, 2 CD-set) kopia

"The Lost Performances -3" (Star, dual layer)
November 5th, 2016 Another heap of old releases, new to my collection:

"I Couldn't Live Without You" (Snowy)
"Inspirations" (No label)
"Merry Christmas - Snowmens League Of America" (SLA)
"The Return Of The King, In Concert '97" (Tupelo)
"Twenty Days & Twenty Nights" (CJC)

November 4th, 2016 A little bit of pot luck today:

"20 Fantastic Hits" (No label 2015)
"A New Command Performance" (PAS)
"Best of King" (Storm)
"Dancin' With Elvis" (Presto)
"Elvis - Best" (Flash, 2 CD-set)
"Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas The Alternate Album" (2011)
November 2nd, 2016 Another terrific update:

"Silverscreen Treasures 1965-1969" (SST, 6 CD-set)
"Too Late For Goodbyes"
(SA/SP, 2 CD-set)
October 31st, 2016 A great update today:

"Off the Record" (No label, 5 CD)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 21. Love Me Tender - The Hollywood Recordings 1956" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 22. Jailhouse Rock Loving You - The Hollywood Recordings 1957" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 23. King Creole - The Hollywood Recordings 1958" (One)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 24. From Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California Part 2" (One)
October 24th, 2016 New today:

"Turn Around Look at Me" (RRM, 4 CD-set)
October 16th, 2016 New for today:

"Rareties vol. 1" (no label, 2016)
"Rareties vol. 2" (no label, 2016)
"Rareties vol. 3" (no label, 2016)
October 14th, 2016 Today's update:

"The Final Performance" No label, 2016. 2 CD-set)
October 2nd, 2016 New today:

"Hilton Showroom volume 5" (AuidioRec)
"Spliced Takes - Nashville" (CMT)
September 25th, 2016 Today's fine update:

"Elvis 1974 - In Between Watergate & Ali" (RRM, 5 CD-set)
"Road to Nowhere" (E.P. Collector)
September 12th, 2016 Another interesting update:

"Silverscreen Treasures 1962-1965" (SST, 5 CD-set)
September 11th, 2016 Interesting newcomers today:

Reconsider Baby - Return Of The Rocker" (no label, 2 CD-set)
Stop, Look And Listen - Ultimate Spinout Recording Sessions" (no label, 3 CD-set)
"T.R.O.U.B.L.E. - Rockin' in the Seventies" (no label)
Movie Rocks – 20 Great Floor Fillers" (no label)
August 29th, 2016 Today's update:

"Elvis on Television 1956-1960 The Complete Sound Recordings" (MSR, 2 CD-set)

August 7th, 2016 New today:
A new second source is added and new sleeves are made for:

"Even Hotter - July '74 - Salt Lake City. 07/02/74"

Both sources stem from the same (problematic...) recording. While S1 has fewer cuts in the wow-and-flutter segments, the new S2 has a little fuller sound.
July 25th, 2016 New today:

"Spliced Takes - Hollywood" (CMT)

I have added a second source to Ames '76: "Iowa Crescendo - Ames. 05/28/76 (PA). The new 2nd source is a stinker, but it's slightly more complete.
July 24th, 2016 Great update in the summer heat!!! Fantastic productions!

"Elvis 1969 In Person" (RRM, 4 CD-set))
"Holding His Own In Tahoe" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)
One For The Ladies - From The Booth Tapes Volume 8" (SA/SP, 2 CD-set)
"Taking Care Of Business - In A Flash" (FTD, the bonus CD)
July 1st, 2016 New month, new update:

"Atlanta 1975" (MxF, 1 CD + 1 DVD-set)
"Hilton Showroom volume 3" (AuidioRec)
"Hilton Showroom volume 4" (AuidioRec)
"The Beat is Back" E.P. Collector, 2 CD-set)
June 5th, 2016 Today's update:

"If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley With the Royal Philamonic Orchestra" (Star 1 DVD + 1 mini CD)

May 29th, 2016 New today:

"Elvis On Tour: The Standing Room Only Tapes" (Magnetic, 4 CD-set)
May 22nd, 2016 Great update!!!

"Charlie, Bring Me The Request Box!" (SA, 5 CD-box) - The ultimate release, covering Elvis' short, ill-fated, but surprisingly good Summer Festival in Vegas. This is some piece of work!!!

"Still Stirring Up Passions" (MxF)
May 1st, 2016 Today's update:

The Bootleg Series Special Deluxe Edition - Elvis 25" (One, 2 CD-set)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition - The Movie Album Volume 1" (one)

"Good Evening, I'm Crazy..." - Vegas. 03/25/75 DS" (PA) A new first source added - slightly better sound, better edit. A new set of sleeves.
April 24th, 2016 New today:

Still Wielding that Old Magic" (V V Records: 1 vinyl rip CD / 1 CD / 1 DVD)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 018 - NineteensixtyfiveStudiosessionsI" (One)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 019 - NineteensixtyfiveStudiosessionsII" (One)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 020 - NineteensixtyfiveStudiosessionsIII" (One)

"Definitive Rare Live Collection" (RRM, 4 CD-set)
April 17th, 2016 A heavy update:

"The Mono Masters 1960-1975" (Venus, 5 CD-set)
April 9th, 2016 Today's update:

"I Did It My Way - 1977" (Wonderland Records, 4 CD-set)
"Hilton Showroom - Volume 2" (AudioRec)

"Hawaii '72 Re-worked"
April 3rd, 2016 New today:

"Elvis Reaches Austin City Limits" (EP)

DVD: "If I Can Dream" (DMP)

AND...not belonging in my Corner, but I feel I need to mention the Sony Legacy magnum set "The RCA Album Collection" (60 CD) sounds simply fantastic...and it looks wonderful!

March 13th, 2016 New additions:

"Elvis in Houston" (Rockabilly Empire, 4 CD-set)
"Easy Come, Easy Go" (No label, 2016)
"He Touched Me" (FTD 2 LP to 1 CD-rip)
"How RCA Brought Elvis to Europe"
(FTD EP to 1 CD-rip)
"Hilton Showroom - Volume 1" (AudioRec)
March 2nd, 2016 Newcomers today:

"Live at Dell Webb's" (Touchdown)
"Live in Las Vegas" (UniP) - this date needs a thorough check-up, I haven't had the time yet.
February 29th, 2016 New for today:

"Right By Your Side" (Star - combo release: 1 DVD + bonus CD)
"Always On My Mind - The Memphis Record" (No label, 2 CD-set)

"Rambunctious Boy - Vegas. 08/19/73 DS" (PA) A new first source added.
"Against the Wind - Vegas. 08/20/74 DS" (PA) A new first source added.
February 23rd, 2016 Tiny update:

"Flippant Elvis - Vegas. 08/11/73 DS" (PA). A better sounding source replaces the old source. Interesting show, with the season's only version of "It's Over"
February 21st, 2016 New today:

"A Killer Nite! (SA)
"Moody Blue" (FTD 2 CD-Vinyl-rip)
Elvis Live in the 50s - The Complete Concert Recordings" (MRS 3 CD-set)

"Honolulu Delight - Honolulu. 11/18/72 AS" (PA) First source remastered and a new second source added.
"Black Conquistador in San Bernardino - San Bernardino. 11/12/72" (PA) First source remastered and a more complete second source added.
"Lucky 13 - Auburn. 03/05/74" (PA) A new first source added.
"A Major Event in Anaheim - Anaheim. 04/23/73" (PA) A new first source is added. The old first source is now second source. The old second source is deleted. 

February 13th, 2016 Good update today:

"Last Stint at the International" (SA) - a real gem!!!
"February 1974 Closing Show" (MxF)

"Back From L.A. - Vegas. 08/05/72 DS" (PA) 2 CD-set, two sources.
February 8th, 2016 Another updated PA:

"Leaving Las Vegas - Vegas. 09/06/71 CS": New 1st source added.
February 3rd, 2016 New today:

"Vibrating Off the Rafters. Montgomery. 03/06/74" (PA) - replacing the old source. The best sound from this great show!
January 25th, 2016 The two very fine shows in Philadelphia 1974 have been upgraded:

"Sweltering Solstice Vol. 1 - Philadelphia. 06/23/74 AS" (PA) - a new 1st source have been added.

"Sweltering Solstice Vol. 2 - Philadelphia. 06/23/74 ES" (PA) - The old source has had a brush up. The old, untouched version, is now 2nd source.
January 17th, 2016 New for the Sunday:

"Get It Off My Shoulder - Vegas. 08/08/73 MS" (PA) - a new first source, makes this excellent show sound much better!

"Return to Sender Bonus Edition" (no label)
January 10th, 2016 New today:

"True Tahoe Legend" - Lake Tahoe 05/17/74 MS: a new 1st sources added and new covers made.,
"Nothing Left Behind" - Vegas 02/10/73 DS: a new 2nd source added, which is a combination of AR and SB, making the concert practically complete.

"His Hand in Mine the alternate album" (Flashlight)
December 30th, 2015 Last update for the year ;-)

"827 Thomas Crown Affair" (Victrola)
"been in oklahoma city - Oklahoma City. 11/16/70" (PA)
December 25th, 2015 One more!

"Elvis - Rejuvenated and Rockin'" (Gravel Road)
December 24th, 2015 more, in the spirit of the season :-)

"Hits of the 70s - Volume 2" (2015, no label)
December 22nd, 2015 Last update before Christmas:

"That's the Way It Is - The Rehearsals" (8 CD-set, 2015, no label)
"The Bootleg Series New Album Series. The Complete Sun Masters" (ElvisOne)
"Rock is Back" (VV Records)
December 13th, 2015 Great update today:

"Back on Track" (EPC)
"Solid As Rock" (SA, 2 CD-set)
"Christmas Sessions Volume 1" (Star)
"Christmas Sessions Volume 2" (Star)
"Come Along" (No label, 3 CD-set)
"Right Direction in Johnson City" (Touchdown)
"Bicentennial Superstar Volume 3" (TNT, 2 CD-set)
"Elvis' Christmas Album in 3DMono" (LOC)

"Santa Claus is Back in Town" (Star)

November 29th, 2015 Good bunch new today:

"The February 1977 Tour Volume 1" (Rock Legends)
The Bootleg Series Original Album Series. Elvis' Christmas Album (2015 Bonus CD version)" (Elvisone)
The Bootleg Series Special Edition - Sincerely Elvis" (Elvisone)
"That's the Wonder of You" (4 CD-set. Rockabilly Empire)
"Atlanta Second Stop" (MxF)
November 8th, 2015 Added today:

"Bright Light Big City" (SA) - the people at SA are doing it again!

"Hot Shot and Cool Clips volume 7"
October 30th, 2015 Humongous update today!!!

Touring in the 70's Volume 1" (King Records, 17 CD-set)
"Touring in the 70's Volume 2" (King Records, 17 CD-set)
October 25th, 2015 Pretty neat update today:

"The Complete 50's Live Recordings" (RRM, 4 CD-set)
"3764 Elvis Presley Blvd. Memphis, Tenn. 3816" (No label, 2 CD-set)
October 25th, 2015 New today:

"Elvis Unedited Volume 1" (Dynagrave)
"Elvis Unedited Volume 2" (Dynagrave)
"The Bootleg Series Special Edition - The 1960 Gospel Album" (ElvisOne)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 17 - From Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California" (ElvisOne)
October 18th, 2015 Newcomers today:

"Elvis Sings Stay Away, Joe" (Star)
"Elvis Blue (2015)" (No label)

"Star 12,5" (Star, dual layer)
October 11th, 2015 New today:
"The Rare Elvis Royal Collection" (TCB, 4 CD-set)
The Bootleg Series Special Edition - Anthology Part One" (ElvisOne)
October 4th, 2015 I'm really happy about today's update:

"Onondaga Nights" (SASP, 2 CD-set) - this is a winner!

"Las Vegas' Voice Volume Two" (Rock Legends)
"Giving You All I Got" (SR, 1 CD + 1 bonus EP)

September 20th, 2015 Yes, the long lost Fayetteville concerts are now added to the collection:

"Next-Stop Fayetteville" (Graceland Records, 3 CD-set)
"Burning Hot Tonight" (SASP)
"Las Vegas' Voice Volume One" (Rock Legends)
September 20th, 2015 CD:
"On Stage - The Ultimate Edition" (Backdraft)

"Elvis On Tour - The Real Deal"
"An Indian in Vegas"
"Elvis, 80 Years. The King of Rock'n'Roll (1 DVD + 1 CD)

September 6th, 2015 Two new CDs today:

"Closing Night 1975"
(AudiRec, 2 CD-set)
"Such a Night - Rockin' in the Early 60s" (VTRLP)
September 2nd, 2015 Another big batch (7 CD + 1 DVD) from Wonderland Records:

"The Real Elvis - Elvis 1970"
August 25th, 2015 Three new CDs:

"Flaming Star & Summer Kisses" (Star [?])
"From the Beach to the Bayou" (Graceland)
"Kissin' Cousins" (RDM)
August 23rd, 2015 Three 2 CD-sets from Chrome Dreams:

"The Complete '59 & '60 Sessions"
"The Complete '62 Sessions"
"The Complete Sun Sessions"
August 16th, 2015 On this Day of Days:

"The Biggest Show on Earth" (Wonderland Records, 4 CD-set)
"Loyal Greetings to Elvis" (Collector Records)
"Elvis Presley and the Blue Moon Boys" (Flaming Star)

August 5th, 2015 Another great update:

"Atlanta Loves Elvis!" (Touchdown, 2 CD-set) - best so far from this magnificent show!!!

"Elvis is Back! + A Date with Elvis" (DreamCovers)
"Loving You + Jailhouse Rock" (DreamCovers)
August 2nd, 2015 Second update in two days:

And the update is a fine one, but also a bit sad, as Straight Arrow has now reached the end of the road of the terrific "From The Rick Rennie Master Tapes"-series:

"The Man From Memphis" (SA, 2-CD-set)
"In Fine Form" (E.P.)
August 1st, 2015 New today:

"One Week in August" (Rock Legends, 2 CD-set)
"Kid Galahad (RDM)
"Something Blue - Love Songs of the Sixties" (unknown label)
"Elvis '65" (unknown label)


"Summer of '56"
"Elvis Rare Home Movies"
"This is Elvis" (STAR, Dual Layer)

July 2nd, 2015 Another small update:

"Uniondale Hysteria - Final Day"
June 25th, 2015 I know, I'm painfully aware of the fact that the design of my Elvis Corner is a stinker. It was a stinker 15 years ago, when I launched the site, and it's even more of a stinker today, as cyber world has moved 15 lightyears since then, and my site has remained the same. Today, I brushed it up a bit, deleted obsolete sections, like "My favourites"...and I guess it's still a stinker. But, hey, it's my stinker :-)
June 24th, 2015  Small update:

"No More Feedbacks!" (Rock Legends)
June 18th, 2015 New today:

"Nashville L  Volume 8" (CMT)

"Nashville E  Volume 9" (CMT)
June 7th, 2015 YES! Another Rick Rennie Master Tapes from Straight Arrow:

"Ol' Snake Hips is in Town!" (2 CD)


"Uniondale Hysteria Second Day" (MXF)
"Elvis Still Has It" (SR)
May 24th, 2015 May is a busy month :-)

"The Last Farewell" (Major Parkhill 5 CD-set)

I Am Going To Have To Play Piano On This" (Hard Luck)
May 21st, 2015 New today:

"827 Thomas Street" (5 CD-set, no label)

...nothing new here...but imagine this release prior to "American Crown Jewels"  :-)
May 17th, 2015 Another good update :-)

"Opening Night 1975" (AudiRec)

"The Bootleg Series Stereophonic Sound Edition - Hawaiian Beach Boy Album 1" (ElvisOne 2 CD-set)

"The Bootleg Series Stereophonic Sound Edition - Hawaiian Beach Boy Album 2" (ElvisOne)

The Bootleg Series New Album Series. Love The Album" (ElvisOne)

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition - Steppin' Out of Line" (ElvisOne 2 CD-set)

"The Bootleg Series New Album Series. Love The Blue Album" (ElvisOne)

From Elvis in Murfreesboro" (TNT)

"Bicentennial Superstar Volume 2" (TNT)
May 10th, 2015 An interesting update today:

"Broken Gems at the Golden Goose", a new series collecting officially released tracks, that have been spread out on different releases, making the concerts as complete as possible:

Broken Gems at the Golden Goose Vol. 1" (RCA/BMG/Sony/FTD/PA): Vegas. August 22, 1969. MS

"Broken Gems at the Golden Goose Vol. 2" (RCA/BMG/Sony/FTD/PA): Vegas. August 25, 1969. DS

"Broken Gems at the Golden Goose Vol. 3" (RCA/BMG/Sony/FTD/PA): Vegas. February 18, 1970. MS

"Broken Gems at the Golden Goose Vol. 4" (RCA/BMG/Sony/FTD/PA): Vegas. February 19, 1970. DS

"Broken Gems at the Golden Goose Vol. 5" (RCA/BMG/Sony/FTD/PA): Vegas. February 19, 1970. MS

"Broken Gems at the Golden Goose Vol. 6" (RCA/BMG/Sony/FTD/PA): Vegas. February 15, 1972. MS

A new 1st source has been added to: "A Kingdom For a Ticket" (Lake Charles. 05/04/75 AS)

A brush up for: Vegas. 09/06/70 DS, now with the title "Here In My Crowded Showroom", with a new 1st source.
April 26th, 2015 A most important correction of dates:

In the study of the Kieran Davis notes from Las Vegas January-February 1970, a handful of highly uncertain dates have finally come to rest:

Our old concert Vegas. 02/20/70 DS is actually 02/22/70 MS.

Our old concert Vegas. 02/22/70 DS is actually 02/20/70 DS.

Our old concert Vegas. 02/22/70 MS is actually 02/23/70 DS.

The changes in the sleeves have been carried out and the concert listings are changed.

April 18th, 2015 Good update:

"City of Angels" (Audionics, 2 CD-set)

"The Soundboard Recordings Vol. 2. Elvis Spring '77" (ECF, 2 CD-set)
April 5th, 2015 YES! I bet Rick Rennie is smiling from above:

"Elvis '70: Hot to Trot!" (Straight Arrow)


"Almost Done, Folks"!
(Straight Arrow)

Yes, folks, that's how it's done!
April 1st, 2015 The update of today, is no joke ;-)

"Shaking Them Up" (SR)
"Having Fun with Elvis Off Stage Volume 2" (Star)
"Guitar Man / I Was the One" (2 CD set)
"Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, Vol. 1" (2 CD-set)
"Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, Vol. 2" (2 CD-set)

DVD: "Hollywood Elvis vol. 6" (Star. New, DL edition)

And not quite belonging in the Corner:

Legacy, vinyl rip in a 4 CD-set: "That's the Way It Is"
Legacy, 2 CD-set: "Elvis at the O2"

March 21st, 2015 Another great update :-)

"Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3" (RDM Edition)

"It Happened at the World's Fair" (RDM Edition)

"Good 'N' Country" (no label)

"The Ultimate Performance" (no label)

"The Something For Everybody Sessions" (FTD. 2 CD vinyl-rip.)

"Stay Away, Joe" (FTD. 2 CD vinyl-rip.)

 March 8th, 2015 Great update:

"Vegas Rhythm Revisited" (Gravel Road 3 CD + 1 DVD)

"Presley BTR" (Star) 2 DVD (1 DVD + 1 DVD DL)

"Elvis 68 Split Screen. Volume 1" (1 DVD)
 February 14th, 2015 Valentine brings a cracking update:

"Doin' the Best I Can"
(Straight Arrow, 2 CD-set)
"Loose As a Goose"
(Straight Arrow, 2 CD-set)

Thank you SA!!!

"Moving Forward" (SR)

"The New Recordings" (H&H) ...Come on...seriously...
"Uniondale Hysteria" (MxF)

 January 19th, 2015 Small update today:

"The Rockin' Days" (Laurel) - small update, but special, somehow, as "The Rockin' Days" was the very first vinyl album I ever bought :-)
 January 18th, 2015 New today:

"Elvis, Love American Style (Gravel Road)

"The Entire June 5th Milton Berle Show"
"Elvis Jubiläums Edition zum 80. Geburtsdag"
11th January, 2015 A new PA:

"Rock, Blues & Body Gyrations" (Spokane. 04/23/73 ES)

The sound is a bit fuller compared to "Magnetic As Ever" (MxF) and "Johnny B. Goode is complete.
4th January, 2015 First update of the year:

"Magnetic As Ever" (MxF)
"What a Wonderful Life" (No label, EFE Magazine)
 December 25th, 2014 HoHoHo...a Christmas update:

Meet Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe!" (SA)
"Hard Knocks" (Venus)
"The Rocker Strikes Again" (Unknown label)
"Live at the International Hotel" (R.E.J.)
 December 16th, 2014 New today:

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition -
Welcome Aboard!
" (Elvisone 2-CD)

"The Bootleg Series Original Album Series. Elvis' Christmas Album" (Elvisone 2-CD)
 December 15th, 2014 Christmas makes a head start this year!!!

"The King Holds Court" (YES!)
(Straight Arrow, 3 CD-set)

"Nashville L Volume 7" (CMT)

"14,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong!" (VV Records" - the vinyl rip from the combo release.

...and the FTDs, making my Christmas all the brighter.
 December 8th, 2014 Yes!
I do have the old releases of the Portland shows, but this time these shows are treated the way they deserve!!!

"Lightning Strikes Twice in Portland!" (Straight Arrow, 2 CD-set)
 December 7th,  2014 New today:

"Still Crazy After All These Years" (Touchdown, 2 CD-set) - very good release, from fantastic show!

"14,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong!" (VV Records" - the bonus CD from the combo release.
 November 30th, 2014 New today:

"Bicentennial Superstar" (TNT, 2 CD-set)
"Original Film Music vol. 9" ("A.J. Records")
"Original Film Music vol. 9 - R.E.J. Remaster"
("A.J. Records")
November 16th, 2014 Even better update today :)

"A New Decade, A New Sound" (Straight Arrow)

"Tryin' to get to Tahoe" (E.P. Collector)
11th November, 2014 Good update today:

"Elvis at the Hilton" (AudiRec, 2 CD-set)

"Having Fun with Elvis Off Stage" (Star)

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition -
Something Special For Everybody
" (Elvisone)

"Elvis Presley-Barbra Streisand" (CMT)

"Nashville I Volume 6" (CMT)

DVD: "Live Spirits Expanded Deluxe Edition" (DL-Star)
 October 23rd, 2014 A handful of new CDs this evening:

"The Soundboard Recordings Vol. 1.
Elvis 1975 On Tour" (ECF, 2 CD-set)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 14 -
Top Notch Nashville 4
" (Elvisone)

"The Bootleg Series Special Edition -
50's Sensation
" (Elvisone)
October 19th, 2014 New DVD:

"Heart & Soul - The Music Roots of Elvis Presley"
October 12th, 2014  The August 21, 1974 Dinner Show did indeed take a long time coming - I don't know how many MCs wrongly labelled 08/21/74 DS I have chucked in the bin. Quite frankly, I gave up hope years ago, but now Touchdown has given us the last and final piece of the August/September Vegas 74-puzzle:

"In the Heat of the Desert"

...and two DVDs, while I'm at it:

"Best Performances"

"Promotional Elvis Presley"

October 7th, 2014 New CDs today:

"Living the Pain" (SR)
The Best of the British. The RCA Years 1957-1959" (FTD)

and a DVD:

"Elvis' Karate Legacy"

Now, Touchdown has made me go all hopping up and down, as they have announced the release of the "lost" Vegas August 21st, 1974 DS concert. It's good to be a fan!!!
September 28th, 2014 Small update today:

CD: "I Got Lucky - Special Edition" (No label)

DVD: "Elvis Summer Festival 1974 1975"
September 21st, 2014 New today:

"Nashville S Volume 3" (CMT)
"Nashville V Volume 5" (CMT)

...and a very appealing DL DVD from Star:
"Hollywood Elvis Volume 5" (new)
September 14th, 2014 An update I'm really happy to make. The people at Straight Arrow know how to do it, and they do it!

Rattling Plates, Aces'n'Eights" (SA/SP)

"Adios Lincoln" (SA/SP)

and an updated release of "Mahalo From Elvis" (CDL), that sends me straight back to the 70's and the vinyl shops.
September 7th, 2014 Good update today:

"Such a Night" (RedeMptioN) - a massive collection (4 CD) of live rarities, AR and SB.

"The King in Motion Vol. 2" (Venus) - 1 DVD: Omaha July 1, 1974 + Dayton. October 6, 1974. ES.
August 31st, 2014 Remixes and such are not my cup of tea, but I have to admit that the Everness remixes are both catchy and fun!

"Relive" (Everness)
August 17th, 2014 New CD today:

"Some Call it Folk" (unknown label)
August 8th, 2014 First update of August:

"Elvis Rocks Little Rock" (Elvisone)
Nashville H Volume 4" (CMT)

"Bossanova Baby - The Ultimate Elvis Party DVD" (Star)

Btw: I didn't plan on buying the new TTWII Deluxe set, as I have TTWII The Complete Works", but I bought it anyway and I'm so glad I did, it's amazing!!!
July 31st, 2014 New today:

"Elvis As Recorded Live On Stage in Las Vegas" (CONCERTFAN)
"A Man at the Top" (VV-Records (
CD from the vinyl combo)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 13 -
Elvis in Hollywood
" (Elvisone)
July 24th, 2014 New today:

"Final Countdown to Midnight" (Backdraft. 1 DVD / 2 CD)
"A Man at the Top" (VV-Records. 1 DVD)
"Elvis Uncensored" (4 DVD-set)
July 8th, 2014 Great update today:

"On a Winning Streak" (SA/SP 3-CD) - and YES, it is a winner!!!

"Memphis to Nashville '61" (FTD Books)
June 30th, 2014 New today:

The Bootleg Series Volume 12 -
For Mono Fans Only
" (Elvisone)
June 26th, 2014 37 years to the day, Elvis gave his final concert. New today:

"Elvis As Recorded Live in Lake Tahoe, Nevada" (CONCERTFAN)

- it sounds, at least to my ears, a little better than "And The King For Dessert"
June 10th, 2014 Interesting update today

"Hometown Memphis" (MKR) Combo box, focusing on Memphis concerts from 1974, 1975 and 1976. Six LP (transferred to six CD) and four CDs. Nothing new here, not very necessary, but oh, so beautiful.

"Elvis in Demand" (no label) - old vinyl release, with bonus tracks.
June 8th, 2014 A Good update today:

"Elvis - Let it Rock" (Gravel Road) - YES! Another piledriver from Gravel Road!

"Tigerman - An Alternate Anthology Volumes 9-12"
(WLR) (4 CD-set)

DVD: "Home Movies Volume Three - The Seventies"
May 30th, 2014 Another meaty update:

"Around Midnight" (Verve)

The Bootleg Series Volume 11 -
It's Now or Never - On Air - Live From Memphis to Paris
" (Elvisone 2-CD)

"Look Out Jackson Town" (TNT 3-CD)

"Livin' On the Edge" (Touchdown 2-CD)
May 25th, 2014 Good bunch new today:

"A Portrait in Music" (Oldies But Goodies) - boy, does this bring memories, or what?

For Movie Fans Only!" (WLR) (4 CD-set)

"Nashville A Volume 2" (CMT)
May 20th, 2014 A newcomer:

"I Can Help and other great hits 30th Anniversary Special Edition" (no label)
May 18th, 2014 New today:

"Walkin' Talkin' Glitz City Blues" (SA/SP) - great unreleased show, a brilliant release!

"The Alternate Love Letters From Elvis" (no label)

2 DVD-set:
"The Lost Performances 2+" (Star)
May 5th, 2014 My ETCY-collection is now complete:

"Elvis The Concert Years Volume 14"

"Elvis The Concert Years Volume 19" (2 CD)

"Elvis The Concert Years Volume 56"

"Elvis The Concert Years Volume 84"

"Elvis The Concert Years Volume 104" (2 CD)

Btw. I'm very hesitant when it comes to tribute shows (to put it mildly...), especially impersonators in jumpsuits. However, last weekend, I was fortunate to catch "An Evening with Elvis' Friends and Original Musicians", which was truly something else! Fantastic show and great people! If there are tickets left for a show near you, don't miss it!
April 7th, 2014 New CD today:

"From The M.G.M. Vault Volume 1" (LEDA)

...and, sadly enough: "Flotsom And Jetsam" (Vegas. 02/18/73 DS), is taken out - as the tracks belong to "Vegas. 02/11/73 DS".
March 30th, 2014 Three new DVDs:

"I'll Be There Expanded" (2 DVD)
"The Spirit Of 1971"
"The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Songs"

March 26th, 2014 New DVD from JAT:

"Elvis 1970 In the Dome"
March 17th, 2014 Now, this is great!

"Sin City's Hottest Ticket!" (Straight Arrow) (2 CD-set)
- way to go (SA/SP)
March 15th, 2014 New today:

The Best of the British. The HMV Years 1956-1958" - (Book + 2 CD) - the hat off for FTD, yet again!

DVD: "The King of Hawaii"

March 8th, 2014 A fine Dual layer DVD from Star:

"Hollywood Elvis New Volume 4"

New CD from CMT:
March 2nd, 2014 Three new AR-releases:

"At Dinner in Vegas" (Touchdown)

"Back on Track in Vegas" (Touchdown)
"Praise to the King" (SR)
February 18th, 2014 New today:

"Sweet Home Alabama"
(TNT Records) (2 CD-set)
February 16th, 2014 "Endless Summer Festival" (SA/SP Records) (2 CD-set)
YES, the release lives up to the expectations, and it's a WINNER!
February 12th, 2014 New today:

"Closing Strong"
(VV Records) (2 CD-set)
"Something for the Girls" (FTD Books)
January 25th, 2014 The people at Gravel Road are true masters at bringing the legacy to new levels:

"Elvis 1969: In Memphis / In Person - Live On Stage 1 & 2"
January 12th, 2014 A good DVD-update:

"The King in Motion" (Venus)
January 7th, 2014 Good fun update:

PA: "On the Ramp  in the Booth -
Vegas. 02/21/73 DS: Source 1, booth recording"
January 3rd, 2014 New today, and great it is!!!:

"Echoes of Aloha" (Audionics)
December 31st, 2013 In the shock waves of the formidable release ”Living From Day To Day, Chasing a Dream”, the iffy dates of ”On the Ramp” and ”Across the Ocean” have finally been corrected:

”On the Ramp”: Vegas. 02/21/73 DS    

”Across the Ocean”: Vegas 02/22/73 DS

Last and final update of the year!

Happy New Year, everybody!
May 2014 be the best Elvis year, ever!
December 25th, 2013 And another PA from Vegas January-February '74:

"Stripping the Gears - 02/04/74 DS"
December 24th, 2013 HoHoHo - Christmas Eve brings an update of the collection:

"Goin' Back To Houston" (TNT Records) (2 CD-set)

"Home Movies Volume Two - The Sixties" (DVD)
December 17th, 2013 Another PA from Vegas January-February '74:

"All Flushed With Fever - 01/31/74 MS"
December 10th, 2013 A new DVD:

"35th Anniversary Concert. Memphis August 16th, 2012"
December 8th, 2013 A double-disc winner from Straight Arrow:

"Living From Day To Day Chasing A Dream" (SA/SP)
December 2nd, 2013 A new PA:

"From Boy to Man - Vegas. 02/04/74 MS"
December 1st, 2013 The two new Elvisone-releases in the Bootleg Series:

The Bootleg Series Volume 9 -
Elvis at Radio Recorders

The Bootleg Series Volume 10 -
It's Now or Never - Elvis in Mono
November 25th, 2013 A good update today. Not very often a new source from 1969 turns up:

"Another Giant Leap" - Vegas. 08/16/69 MS"

The sound is a bit better than "Such Night" (SR) and "ETCY vol. 3".
November 24th, 2013 A new DVD today:

"Elvis in Person at the International Hotel" (Star)
November 22nd, 2013 New CD today:
"Fort Worth Texas" (Elvis Concert Fan)
November 17th, 2013 Another good newcomer:

"Things Get Loose In Tuscaloosa!" (Audionics)
November 13th, 2013 A new CD:

Unedited Masters  - Nashville 1970 Revisited" (Venus)

...and a new DVD:

"The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs"
November 3rd, 2013
New today:

"Love Me Tonight" (SR)
October 24th, 2013 A highly interesting update:
A newly discovered source of the no less than fantastic Vegas 02/22/71 MS - "Starstrucker", 3rd source of "Starstruck in Vegas". The quality is less, but here we have Heartbreak Hotel for the first time, and complete recordings of Don't Be Cruel and Lawdy Miss Clawdy!
October 1st, 2013 A new PA, that sounds a little different than ETCY vol. 73:

"Vegas. 01/30/74 MS - Another Mile in Nevada"
September 29th, 2013 A really neat re-make:

"Leaner & Meaner Than Ever" (Gravel Road)
September 21st, 2013 Two great and essential releases...the companies seem to try to outrace each other at the moment:

"The Creeping Crud Express"
(Audionics - 2 CD)
"Keep On Turnin'"(Touchdown)
September 14th, 2013 Good update today:


"Reclaiming the Crown" (Unknown label,
5 CD-set)
"Blue Spanish Eyes" (Wonderland Records, 4 CD-set)
"Rumble in the Jungle"
(Wonderland Records, 5 CD-set)
"Rare Elvis Volume 4" (
Limited Treasures)
"Rare Elvis Volume 5" (Celluiloid Treasures)
"Rare Elvis Volume 6" (Celluiloid Treasures)
"Rare Elvis Volume 7" (Celluiloid Treasures)
"Loving You - The Alternate Album" (Flashlight)
"If You Don't Come Back" (Raised 2 Rock Audio)


"Aloha From Hawaii - The Alternative"
September 6th, 2013 The restored versions of Aloha From Hawaii are fantastic in their on right, but this brings a flood of warm memories:

 New DVD today:
"Aloha From Hawaii - 40th Anniversary Edition"
September 1st, 2013 New today:
"Mood Swings"
(Rock Legends - 2 CD)
August 25th, 2013 Here it is, the dreaded Houston '76 concert...and it's sad... and heartbreaking...AND essential! Hats off to Audionics for making the release possible, stirring up hope for future releases:

"Houston, We Have a Problem" (Audionics)
"Losin' Out in Vegas" (Straight Arrow)
"Turning Night Into Daytime" (Rainbow)
July 26th, 2013 Coming home from a vacation trip, with the newest FTDs waiting:

"Sold Out!"
"Hot August Night"

What can I say, but WOW!!! I'm speechless! Quality releases, throughout! It won't get better than this! Hats off for FTD, may the releases in the future be many!
July 13th, 2013 "Thy Flaming Youth" - Vegas. 01/28/74 MS, an AR that sounds a little fuller than "ETCY vol. 80".
July 6th, 2013 New today:

"Tanya For Dinner" (SA)
"The Gospel Album" (Elvisone)
"Lost in Memphis" (Star)
"The Bootleg Series Volume 8. California Fall 60-61" (Elvisone)

A very good 2 DVD-set:
Through My Eyes - Deluxe Expanded Version"
July 2nd, 2013 "Shakin' the Grass in Vegas". Vegas. 08/05/72 MS" has got a good upgrade:

A third source is added, which is a combination of all known sources, making the show practically complete. I have made a new set of sleeves for the new source, and the title is "Shakin' the Little Longer Grass in Vegas".

While I was at it, I brushed up the sound on the old second source.

The show has been discussed lately, regarding date and contents, hopefully it's now all down to facts.
June 20th, 2013 Not so often we are presented with a totally new show these days:

"Impossible" (Touchdown) - August 28, 1971 MS - Good job!!!

"City of Lakes" (Verve)
"St. Louis Blues" (E.P. Collector)
June 16th, 2013 Another good update:

"Better Than Ever" (V V)
"From Richmond To Greensboro" (Rock Legends - 2 CD)
"The CBS Concert Recordings
(Gravel Road - 2 CD)
"Summer of '61"(FTD - the CD that came with the book)

"Home Movies Volume One - The Fifties" (Includes clips that I've never seen before.)
May 24th, 2013 A happy update to make:

The new FTDs...what can I say..."From Elvis in Memphis" all time favourite, and no disappointment here! And I find myself listening more to "Stay Away, Joe", man, it's good to be a fan...yet again! And for the next FTDs? My mouth is already watering!


"Keeping Them Warm" (Venus)

"To Live and Die in Dixie" (Straight Arrow - 2 CD)
May 19th, 2013 New additions today:

"Only Believe - All Things Are Possible" (Gravel Road)

"Caught On Camera Pert One" (Elvisone)
"Caught On Camera Pert Two" (Elvisone)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 3 -
Top Notch Hollywood" (Elvisone)

"The Bootleg Series Volume 4 -
Top Notch Nashville Part 3"

The Bootleg Series Volume 5 -
Live Love Hollywood" (Elvisone)
May 4th, 2013 New set of CDs:

"Never-Ending Demand Vol. 1" (Rainbow Records)
"Never-Ending Demand Vol. 2" (Rainbow Records)
"Never-Ending Demand Vol. 3" (Rainbow Records)
"Never-Ending Demand Vol. 4" (Rainbow Records)

April 29th, 2013 New today:

"You Know It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country vol. 2" (Gravel Road)

"Flesh, Blood and Bone" (Victorola, 3 CD-set)

- two great releases. "Flesh, Blood and Bone" was a pleasant surprise, a smorgasboard of more or less hidden gems.

Btw.: for the records, Fort Baxter's classic CD "And the King For Dessert" is dated "May 23, 1974 DS" and nothing else!
April 22nd, 2013 New additions today:
"Such Night" (SR)
"Vegas Variety Vol. 10" (Rainbow)
"Las Vegas Happening"
("Rock Legends", 2 CD-set)
April 14th, 2013 New CDs:
"Snowbird Revisited" (Gravel Road)
"Elvis As Recorded Live in College Park"
(Elvis Concert Fan, 2 CD-set)

New DVD:
"Hollywood Elvis Volume 3 - New edition" (Star)
March 30th, 2013 Making my Easter even brighter:

"Southern Gypsy Magic" (SA/SR) - Way cool! I so wish everyone who thinks Elvis was finished in 1973 to have a good listen to this!

New DVD: "He Didn't Come Back...We Did"
March 23rd, 2013 I got the FTDs "Back in Memphis" and "3000 South Paradise Road". I just love them! We are so privileged to have this steady stream of high class releases!
March 19th, 2013 New combo-issue today:

"Funny King in Kansas City"
(Alberto Records, 1 DVD + 1 CD)

March 9th, 2013 New today:
"Summer in Sin City" (Touchdown, 2 CD-set)
March 4th, 2013 New CD (from the vinyl combo)
"Country Hero in Vegas" (VV)
March 3rd, 2013 New CDs:
"Aloha, Jerry!"(Audionics)
"American III: Stage Fright" (CMT)

A new DVD:
"The Complete On Tour Outtakes" (Erternal Flame)
February 24th, 2013 A new DVD today:
"The Unreachable Star" (Star)
February 17th, 2013 I upgraded "Louisville 11/07/71 AS" with a slightly better source and a new set of sleeves: "Elvis - Wow - Elvis" (PA).

Working with this, I was totally blown away by Elvis' performance. November 1971, still developing and no Trilogy...but it won't get much better than this!!!
February 10th, 2013 Today I was fortunate to get:

"Star-Spangled Spectacular Bicentennial ’76" (Gravel Road, 2 CD-set) - yes, the two Hampton concerts sound really great!
February 4th, 2013 A welcome new double digipack:

"Hot Love in a Long, Cold Winter" (SA/SP) 2 CD-set.

Now, this is a case when audience recordings beat SBs. The SBs from this tour are often...painfully revealing and sterile. Here we are invited to a warm, enjoyable concert atmosphere, and I like it!
February 2nd, 2013 Newcomers today:

"Opening Night 1971"(FP) - I didn't bother when this release when it first came out...but now when I have it, I don't think it's a bad idea at all, to have the surviving SB tracks together in one place.

"It's Only Love" (Star)

"Alternate Masters Side 13" (Elvis Star)

"Alternate Masters Side 14" (Elvis Star)

"Alternate Masters Side 15" (Elvis Star)
January 19th, 2013
Today I can enjoy the fun release of:

"Snoopin' Around My Door" (Victorola, 3-CD)
January 13th, 2013 R.I.P. John Wilkinson...

"Elvis As Recorded Live in Lake Charles" (Elvis Concert Fan)

"A Date With Elvis" (
EP Fan Records)
December 30th, 2012 A new PA AR:
"Counting Down to 45" (Vegas. 08/20/75 CS) - a highly interesting show, the sound may not be as crisp as the old release "Top Acts in Vegas Vol. 2", but a little fuller. Good enough to keep.
December 25th, 2012 In the spirit of the Season:

The Bicentennial King vol. 5" (Millbranch- 2 CD)
eft a Good Job in the City" (SA)
Chicago Double-Strike" (SA/SP - 2 CD)
"Raising His Own Bar" (Convair)

Great additions, especially "Left a Good Job in the City"- a real gem!!!
December 10th, 2012 Latest additions:

"With a Humble Heart" (SA - 2 CD)
"Glitter of the Night" (Touchdown - 2 CD)
"Midnight Delight" (Touchdown)
"Spring Spirit '74" (Showroom)
"A Matter of Duty" (Management 3)
"Celluloid Rock - "Love Me Tender" (Flashlight)
"Celluloid Rock - "Sound Advice" (Flashlight)
"Celluloid Rock - "Young and Beautiful" (Flashlight)
"Celluloid Rock - "Kid Galahad Sessions" (Flashlight)
"Take One Vol. 7, Ed. 2"(CMT)
"The Elvis Files CD 1.1" (Audiofile)

FTDs...I just can't get enough:
"Hits of the 70s"
"From Elvis Presley Boulevard"

And one more thing...
I bought Arjan Deelen's latest book Walk a Mile in My Shoes. If you are in any way trying to comprehend the phenomena of Elvis Presley...I advice you to get the book - it's about what matters the most...the making of the music, told by the people who were actually part of the making.

November 12th, 2012 New stuff today:

"Stronger Than Pride" (VV)
"Wild Tiger At The Hilton Vol. 4" (MxF)
"Wednesday Night Roll Over" (SA)  - it is striking how the bootleggers have developed the packaging over the last few years, not least Straight Arrow. Having dabbled with layout myself, it is with sheer pleasure I welcome a disc like this into my collection!

October 7th, 2012 It's good to be a fan! A good pile of the latest FTDs. Quality, through and through! And, "A Boy From Tupelo"...what can I say, a priceless document of the single most important period in the history of rock'n'roll. Thanks to FTD for a fantastic piece of work and thanks to a good friend of mine for assisting me getting my book!:

"Another Saturday Night Shreveport 1975"
"Elvis From Hawaii to Las Vegas"
"G.I. Blues"
"A Boy From Tupelo" (3 CD)
"Welcome Home Elvis" (original Elvis is Back mono mix)
"From Memphis to Hollywood" (original G.I. Blues mono mix)

More new CDs:
"Master & Session -"Early Morning Rain in Memphis"
"Master & Session His Hand in Mine By Elvis. Disc 2"
"Master & Session -"This is the Story Vol. 2"
"Master & Session -"This is the Story Vol. 3"
"Greatest Live Hits Of The 50’s" (MRS)
"Sunsational" (2 CD, Victorola)
"Summertime '73" (Touchdown)
"Night on the Town" (Touchdown)
"Amore Elvis" (Straight Arrow)

...and two DVDs:
"Elvis 1969 - 1970" (Eternale Flame)
"TTWII - One Night" (Star)

September 3rd, 2012 Two newcomers:

"Unedited Masters - Hollywood to Nashville 1972-1980" (Venus)

"The Graceland 1976 Masters" (Retro Audio)...and it certainly crowded my iPod last weekend!
August, 25nd, 2012 New stuff:

I have added a 2nd source (slightly more complete) to "Full House in Vegas" (Vegas. 08/09/73 DS)

"Back In The Desert" (Showroom)
"Lonesome Summer Breeze" (SA)
"Unedited Masters Nashville 1971" (Venus)
"From Elvis in Vegas" (Convair)
"Christmas Lights On a Friday Night" (SA, 2-CD)
"North By Northwest Volume 1" (Unicorn)
"Rockin' the Nassau Coliseum" (Unicorn)
"The Brightest Star On Vegas Strip Volume 4" (
"The Brightest Star On Vegas Strip Volume 5" (Unicorn)
"Let Me Be There" (Unicorn)
"The Concert Series Volume 7 - Hurt" (Unicorn, 2-CD)
"The Concert Series Volume 8 - America the Beautiful" (Unicorn, 2-CD)
"The Concert Series Volume 9 - My Way" (Unicorn, 2-CD)
"Early Morning Rain" (Unicorn)
"Walk That Lonesome Road" (Unicorn)
"Double Dynamite" (Unicorn, 2-CD)

July, 3rd, 2012 Correction of date:
It is now clear that "Setting the Standard" (SR) is misdated. The correct date should be 08/18/71 DS. Correct dates for two songs wrongly included on "Setting the Standard":

Little Sister/Get Back: 08/21/71 MS
It's Over: 08/10/71 MS

Accordingly, "On Top of Vegas" is changed to 08/18/71 DS.

I'm glad that's straightened out!

June, 25th, 2012 Going through a pile of old MCs gave us a couple of interesting finds:

Nashville. 07/01/73 3pm. "Wild and Woolly" - fuller sound than the speeded "An Afternoon in Nashville" - moreover, we now have "Trilogy", left out on the old release.

Vegas. 08/17/71 DS. "On Top of Vegas". New 1st source, sounding better than "Setting the Standard" (and without the two tracks not belonging to the show).

Moreover, the final (?) piece in the
Houston 06/05/75 "Calling Houston"-puzzle has been laid. Save for "2001 Theme" and most of "Closing Vamp", it's now complete.

May, 24th, 2012 New in my collection:

"Wild Tiger In Concert" (MXF)
"The Bicentennial King Vol. 4" (MM)
Elvis Is Back! Special Edition"(Victorola)
"The 8th Wonder of the World" (Venus) - unfortunately no sound improvement...
May, 16th, 2012 Newcomers today:

"Into The Light" (Touchdown)
"Payin' the Dues in Tahoe" (Touchdown)  Gee... I love the title
"Blue Hawaii The Expanded Alternate Album" (MSR)
"Labor Day Madness" (SA, 2 CD)
"Top Notch Nashville The Bootleg Series Volume 1" (Elvisone)
"Top Notch Nashville The Bootleg Series Volume 2" (Elvisone)
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 9
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 10
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 16
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 17
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 25
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 27
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 28
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 31
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 32
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 33
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 34
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 44
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 45
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 46
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 54
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 55
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 65
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 68
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 78
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 86
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 87
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 88
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 91
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 92
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 93
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 94
Elvis the Concert Years Volume 95
April 29th, 2012 New in the world of unpublisheds:

"Hampton Roads 08/01/76 AS - Special D" - a totally new AR.

"Atlanta 12/30/76 - The Joy of Singing" - a brand new source, brings this magnificent show to a more complete picture.

"Wichita Falls 12/27/76 - Recorded Live in Wichita Falls" - a new MC transfer in terrible sound...sends the old source, that was even worse, in the bin.

"Jacksonville 04/16/72 ES - Glimmering in Jacksonville" - a second source, a little more complete, is added.

"Jacksonville 05/30/77 - Here To Make You Happy" - a second source is's actually the same source as the old one, but uncompressed.

...and the second source for "Milwaukee 04/27/77" is taken out, as it was superfluous.

April 8th, 2012 New today:
Yes, finally...AR from Dallas 06/06/75 "Look at the Wild Man Go" - spliced from two sources.

Houston 06/05/75 "Calling Houston" is upgraded: the ending (Little Darling, Mystery Train/Tiger Man and Can't Help Falling in Love) is erased, as it was from Houston 06/04/75. The correct ending has been attached to the rest of the concert.

The recent AR
"Vegas 08/14/73 DS, How Sweet the Sound", has had the ending (CHFIL and Closing Vamp) cut off, as it belongs to 08/10/73 MS
April 1st, 2012 An update, and no joke!

"The Hillbilly Cat Returns" (Graceland)
"Vegas Variety vol. 9" (Rainbow)
"Just One More Smile" (Convair)
"The Greensboro Show" (Godfather)

New ARs:
"Vegas 08/14/73 DS, How Sweet the Sound"
"Vegas 08/18/73 DS, Tomorrow's Out of Sight"

New sources replaced old sources for:
"Evansville 10/24/76, Knocking Them Out in Evansville"
"Charleston 07/27/76 AS, Thunderbolt in Charleston"

March 25th, 2012 New material since last update...hopefully complete:

"Vegas 02/22/73 MS, Amidst All of the Trappings"
"The TTWII Collection" 6 CD
DVD: "Kansas City Dallas 1971"

"San Fransisco Bay Blues" (Audionics)
"Shreveport '75" (Touchdown)
"Wild Tiger at the Hilton Volume 2" (MXF)
"Wild Tiger at the Hilton Volume 3" (MXF)
"Welcome to a Wonderful Whirl" (Uranus)
"Vegas Variety vol. 7" (Rainbow)
"Vegas Variety vol. 8" (Rainbow)
"Reebooked At The International" 4 CD (BackDraft)
"Under the Midnight Sun" (Showroom)
"The Bicentennial King Vol. 3" (Millbranch)
"August Reloaded" (Touchdown)
"Elvis In Person 1971" (Fan Company)
"The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives)" (MRS)
"Soundboard Greatest" (Nedmac)
"Master & Session - Girls! Girls! Girls! Part 1"
"Master & Session - Girls! Girls! Girls! Part 2"
"Master & Session - Kid Galahad Volume 1"
"Master & Session - Kid Galahad Volume 2"
"Master & Session - This Is The Story"
"Master & Session - I Beg of You"
"Master & Session - Holly Leaves... Vol. 3" 2 CD
"Master & Session - By Another Request" 4 CD
"And Now the End is Near" 4 CD (Wonderland)
"The Café Europa Sessions" 4 CD (MSR)
"Unedited Masters Nashville 1970" (Venus)
"Unedited Masters Stax 1973" (Venus)
"Sittin' On Top Of The World" 2 CD (Gravel Road)
"Kansas City Dallas 1971" (SR)
"Really Don't Want To Know" (Memory)
"Last Time in Spectrum" (Memory)
"Late Night in LA" (Verve)
"Stellar in Atlanta" (Touchdown)
"Watching Dreams Turn Into Ashes" 2 CD (SA)
"Blue Owl in Greensboro" (Inferno)
"International Tigerman" (Inferno)
"Such a Night" (MSR)
"Operation Big Apple" 2 CD (Venus)"The Alternative Stax Album" 2 CD (Star)
"The Hillbilly Cat Live" (Graceland)
"Elvis Rocks Auburn" (EP)
"Elvis Rocks Montgomery" (EP)

March 22nd, 2012 Well hello there, my it's been a long, long time! Six months, to be exact. I closed my site, as I had toooo much to do. I still have too much to do, but I missed the fun, and Elvis is a tough guy to get rid of. I will take things slowly, if I miss to make an will be there another day. And if I'm too slow answering mails, well, that's just the way things will have to be. And yes, it's good to be back :-)
September 30th, 2011 Four releases by two of the best teams around, SA and Memory. This time, the prize goes to SA, with wonderful artwork in mind, and the fact that Memory never got the speed quite right on Baltimore Nightfall.

"Atlanta Bound" (SA)
"Down at the End of Paradise Road" (SA)
"Midnight Resurrection at the International" (Memory)
"Baltimore Nightfall" (Memory, 2 CD-set)
September 6th, 2011 Lots of goodies:
Singer Present Elvis '68 Comeback Special" (Venus)!
Master & Session Indescribably Christmas" (MS)
"Keep Rollin' On" (Venus)
Trouble in Saginaw" (Groove Masters)
"Stumpin' Madison" (Groove Masters)
"Having Fun in Orlando" (Groove Masters)
"Elvis As Recorded Live in Madison, MI" (Unknown)

"From Beginning to the End"
"Hot Shot and Cool Clips Volume 5"

August 16th (!), 2011 New today:
"Desert Serenade" (Touchdown)
"The Toledoan Balladeer" (Management 3)
July 22th, 2011 Nothing new...just testing new software for MacOs Lion
July 7th, 2011

New today:

"Fifth Time Around" (Audionics) - Yes, it's the ultimate release!

"You'll Never Walk Alone" (SA)

"The Original Elvis Tribute" (Live in Holland May 2010) - Impersonators and freakshows are not my cup of tea...but this is a completely different ballgame, really great!

June 27th, 2011

Three newcomers:

"Memphis Heat" (Touchdown)

"Downtown Long Beach" (Touchdown)

"Master & Session Harum Scarum" (MS)

May 31st, 2011
"Marching in One Line" (Showroom)
May 19th, 2011

Really good stuff finding the way to my collection :-)

"Spanish Eyes, By Request" (Gravel Road) - flabbergasting!

"Welcome to the Jungle - Hurt" (Venus)

"Drowned in Sound" (Omega)

"The King Creole Outtakes" (Cajun)

"4 Vegas Trumps" (unknown)

AND: another beauty from FTD: "Elvis Sings Guitar Man" - they re-create history, the way it should have been...a very delicate task, which they carry out with the perfect feel for the matter!

April 22nd, 2011

Sessions in session:

"Master & Session By Another Request" (MS) 4 CD

"The Café Europa Sessions" (Memphis Recording Service") 4 CD

and..."Elvis Love Songs" (The Sunday Mail Promo)


April 18th, 2011

How about:

"On a Jet To Promised Land" (Venus)

"Elvis At Bay" (Memory)

"Matinee Majesty" (SA)

"From Tahoe To Vegas" (2 CD. SR)

"Elvis The Final Curtain" (6 DVD. Boxcar)

"Live in Vegas" (another winner from FTD)

April 8th, 2011


"At Cazzies House" (Touchdown)

"Biting The Big Apple" (White Haven)

"Good To Be Back" (Gravel Road)

"Scope's Hope" (BSM)

"The Tenth Of Never (2 CD-set) (Touchdown)

"Leaving Jackson On Fire" (Venus)

"Vegas Variety Vol. 5" (Rainbow)

"Wild Tiger At The Hilton" (MxF)

March 31st, 2011

Not everyday we get a new concert:

"A Burst of Fire" (MEMORY)

March 14th, 2011

"Funny How Time Slips Away" (SA) - one of the best sounding ARs, now sounds even better.

"Elvis - The King" (FTE) - for those into re-recordings and remixes...

March 3rd, 2011
"Vegas 08/25/74 MS" slightly upgraded, with new sleeves, new edit and pitch corrected.
February 11th, 2011

Good stuff!

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (SA)

"Total Commitment" (Touchdown)

"Welcome to thr Jungle - Way Down" (Venus)


...and the FTDs ...way to go Ernst!

January 30th, 2011
I have upgraded the unpublished show from "Vegas 08/20/70 MS" - the soundpicture is somewhat different, compared to "A Bright Midnight in Vegas".
January 23rd, 2011

The six CDs from the Boxcar box "Elvis '77: The Final Curtain"

"Vegas Variety volume 4" (Rainbow Records)

"All in a Blaze" (Touchdown Records)

"From New York to Chicago" 2 CD-set (SR Records)

January 7th, 2011
Hound Dog from a different source, makes "Ferocious in Vegas" (08/23/70 DS) more complete.
December 29th, 2010

Two great boots today:

"A Private Audience witht he King" (SA-2CD)

"In the Heart of Georgia" (Audionics)

and "The Bicentennial King vol. 2" (Millbranch Music)


December 16th, 2010

CD: "Christmas Remixes" (SPG)

DVD: "From Kansas City to Sin City" (great disc!)

...and I made a new set of sleeves for "Albuquerque 04/19/72"

November 23rd, 2010

Great update!

"Welcome To the Jungle - The Last Farewell" (Venus)

"Welcome To the Jungle - Never Again" (Venus)

"Welcome To the Jungle - Solitaire" (Venus)

"Hilton's All Shook Up" (Gravel Road)

"The Elvis Summer Festival Continues at Full Blast" (Gravel Road)

"Duluth Revisited" (Management 3)

"Return To Red River" (S)

"The King in Queen City" (Management 3)


...and the me, take 6 of "Love Me, Love The Life I Lead" is worth all money paid...I can't believe the bickering I read...


November 17th, 2010
"You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" and "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (both Straight Arrow). Audience recordings don't come better than this, wonderful!
October 16th, 2010
More fun fooling around with classic layouts - this time, new sleeves for "Vegs 02/21/72 MS".
October 15th, 2010
"Our Memories of Elvis Volume 3 - Unfinished Business" (Victorola) - Hey, what's not to like?
October 9th, 2010
New sleeves for "Vegas 02/21/72 DS" - and it was good fun making them too :-)
October 3rd, 2010
New sleeves for Baton Rouge 05/31/77
September 18th, 2010
A fantastic new source of "Seattle 04/29/73 AS" sends the old source in the bin :-)
September 17th, 2010

Two new unpublished sources:

"Vegas 08/13/72 DS" - a new source added (2nd source) with "One Night" complete.

"Vegas 08/09/73 MS" - a new source added (1st source) with clearly better sound.

September 11th, 2010
Ohoy there! Not every day I can present a "missing" AR: "Birmingham. 12/29/76".
September 3rd, 2010
"The Essence of Energy" (Rainbow Records) - history in the making!
July 22nd, 2010

"Christmas Today" (2 CD, Venus Productions) - Great!

"The TTWII Collection" (6 CD) - very good sound.

...and the FTDs - I stay away from the forums, and simply enjoy the beauties...keeep'em coming Ernst!

June 29th, 2010

Summer drought has slowed things down, as always the case this time of year. However, this update brings a true gem:

"Faded Love" (Straight Arrow)

June 7th, 2010

Second update in a week, small but sweet!

"Karate Fever" (Straight Arrow)

"Greatest Hits Volume 1" (Victorola) - I loved the vinyl album way back when...and this reissue is a beauty!

"Elvis Presley 75 Birthday Concert" (EFE Promo)

June 1st, 2010

It's been a while, but here's a great update:


"Setting the Season" (2 CD-set, SR-Records)
"1971 Summer Festival" (4 CD-set, Showroom Label)


Elvis Speaks Out
A Celebration Concert - Elvis Week 2009 (2 DVD-set)
A Legendary Performer vol. 5
A Legendary Performer vol. 6
The Power Of Shazam! '71
From Cleveland to Niagara Falls
Rare Elvis vol. 1 (Papa Bear)
Rare Elvis vol. 2 (Papa Bear)
Rare Elvis vol. 3 (Papa Bear)
Now Now Now - Volume 10
The Essential Live Collection Vol. I - Blue Hawaii 1972
The Essential Live Collection Vol. IX - Second Night
The Essential Live Collection Vol. X - Between Cities
The Essential Live Collection Vol. XI - Extravaganza Shows
The Essential Live Collection Vol. XII - A Crowd Teaser
The Essential Live Collection Vol. XIII - Tales of 4 Cities
The Essential Live Collection Vol. XIV - Good Vibes
The King's Masters vol. 4
The King's Masters vol. 6
The King's Masters vol. 7
The King's Masters vol. 9
The King's Masters vol. 10
The King's Masters vol. 12

April 24th, 2010

Hey! I'm still around, alive and kickin'...and very happy with yesterdays' additions:

"At Full Force" (Audionics)

"Get Down And Dirty" (Gravel Road, 2 CD-set)

"Springtime Tours '76-'77 (Audionics, 2 CD-set)

"The Unreachable Star" (and yet again...I LOVE the title... SR Records)

"Vegas Variety 3" (Rainbow Records) the midst of the discouraging war of the import far away from everything I personally connect with Elvis...I seem to get the greatest kick out of the FTDs..."Elvis Now", a dignified homage to an album loved so dearly...way to go Ernst!

March 28th, 2010
I have added a new second source to "Seattle. 11/12/70 ES" - actually, it's just not a new source, but a totally different recording.
February 20th, 2010

Some items of highest quality!

"Dayton Reloaded" (2 CD-set. Boxcar). A beautiful box and 100 book pages of the very reason why I'm still an Elvis fan.

"Bringing It All Back Home" (2 CD-set, Venus Productions) The discs come in a fantastic book, similar to the previous release "Black Angels in Vegas".

"And Now the End is Near" (4 CD-set. Wonderland Records)


Please note: I'm well aware that the Hotmail address I use for the site is currently suffering from spamming problems (sending and receiving). If the promblems continue, I will have to change to another address.

February 2nd, 2010

Good update today.


"Speedway -The Alternate Album"

"Elvis' 40 Greatest" (2-CD-set)

"Last Stop in Mobile"

"Help Me Make It In Pittsburgh"

"The Bicentennial King vol. 1"

"Elvis Country - The Sequel"

"An Evolving Elvis"

"Strung Out in Las Vegas" (2 CD-set)



"Live Live Live - Elvis On Tour"



January 19th, 2010

First update of the year. Lots of DVDs:

"Elvis in the 70s" (1 CD + 1 DVD)

"Blue Gypsy Special Edition" (Papa Bear 2 DVD-set)

"A Fans Concert"

"Elvis in Vegas" (BBC)

"From Nashville to Hollywood"

"A Portrait in Music"

"King Candids Vol. 1"

"King Candids Vol. 2"

"King Candids Vol. 3"

"Magic Movie Volume 2"

"The King Rocks vol. 5"

"The King Rocks vol. 6"

"The King Rocks vol. 7"

"The King's Masters vol. 8"

"Elvis TV Night Volume 2"

"Elvis TV Night Volume 3"

"Elvis TV Night Volume 4"

"Elvis TV Night Volume 5"

December 30th, 2009

Most likely the final update of the decade (man, that sounds weird...):

"Here Come the Stars" (Straight Arrow)

December 15th, 2009

Sometimes the road to action is long and winding - I had a note from 2004 that I have to change the date for "Vegas 08/23/70 MS" to "Vegas 08/23/70 DS"...well, now I did it...the title is still "Ferocious in Vegas", but the sleeves are new.

December 7th, 2009
...and another upgraded set of sleeves, this time: "Vegas. 08/25/72 DS".
December 5th, 2009
New sleeves for "Vegas 08/27/73 MS".
November 23rd, 2009

November keeps me busy :-)


"The Ed Sullivan Shows - The Classic Performances"

"Hot Shots and Cool Clips vol. 4"

"Elvis - Now - Hampton Roads"

"The Man Who Shot Elvis"

"TTWII - The Complete Shows" (2 DVD-set)

"Love Me Tender - The Love Songs"

"Inside Blue Hawaii"



"A Day in Dayton" (Gravel Road, 2 CD-set)

"Tupelo Welcomes Elvis" (Memphis Recording Service)

"A Legendary Performer vol. 16" (Wolf Call)

November 21st, 2009
...and another remake of sleeves : "Murfreesboro 04/29/75"
November 20th, 2009
Just because I had too much time on my hands (not), I remade two really old sets of sleeves: "Houston 11/12/71" and "Vegas 03/26/75 MS".
November 15th, 2009
A new promo: "Elvis 2008" (Elvis Matters)
November 13th, 2009
The DVD "Elvis, the Beauty Queen and Me".
November 3rd, 2009

Two new discs:

"Flyin' High" (Management 3)

"Elvis the Concert Years vol. 26"

October 28th, 2009
"The Final Homecoming" (Audionics/Fort Baxter) - I had forgotten how good this show actually is...and the sound is...magnificent.
October 9th, 2009
"The Return of a Prodigy" (Gravel Road Music). This is great! I read the expression "caring bootleggers", and it's so true.
October 4th, 2009
"Plugged in & Geared Up" (Gravel Road)
September 8th, 2009

A good update to make:

"Showroom Internationale 1971" (International. 2-CD-set)

"Let Me Be the One" (Audionics)


"Blue Gypsy"

"The Jumpsuitology vol. 2"


"Hollywood Elvis Volume 1" (Star, new edition)

September 6th, 2009
Unpublished "Cincinnati. 11/11/71": New sleeves, slightly new edit...and minor sound improvements.
August 31th, 2009
"Stripped of My Heart, My Soul" (Rainbow Records) - this is a fantastic show, now in better sound...and the booklet is a winner!
August 11th, 2009

Some really good items arrived yesterday:

"Black Angels in Vegas" (Venus Productions) a 2 CD-set, with an amazing book that came with the set...a total surprise to me!

"California Wave" (Memory)

"Live in Vegas" (Show Room)

"Something" (Audionics)

"Twenty Days & Nights" (Audionics)

...what can I say, Audionics did it again...two piledrivers"

Finally, not belonging at my site, I bought the new 2-CD Legacy Edition of "From Elvis in Memphis" - nothing new, really...but, somehow, for some odd reason, I'm more than happy to have it.

July 25th, 2009
"A Change of Mind" (Straight Arrow) - this strange and remarkable show finally in good presentation!
July 24th, 2009
Still summer draught, but at least I can pull "Highlights Vol. 4" (2-CD) out of the hat.
June 22nd, 2009

Three difficult promos:


"I'm Leavin'" - Finnish promo for the "Original Elvis Tribute 2009" - beautiful!

"Selection From Amazing Grace" (RCA/BMG)

"The Honeymoon Companion" (RCA/BMG)


June 10th, 2009

37 years ago, Elvis had been on stage for about 15 minutes in New York. Today, I'm happy to add lots of goodies to my collection:


"Rock My Soul" (Madison's swan song)

"Setting the Day" (SR)

"Stranger in the Crowd" (Audionics)

"Las Vegas Attraction Number 1" (Show Room)

"The Last Vegas Opening Night (Straight Arrow, 2-CD)

"Exceeding All Expectations" (Rainbow Records, 2-CD)



"Vegas 08/06/69 DS" - a good deal of hiss, but the sound is crisper than "The Return of the Tiger Man"



"Elvis in Concert - Remastered" (Back in Time) - yes, it's really the best we have of In Concert to this date.

May 28th, 2009
I have added a handful of YouTube-links to the "The Original Elvis Tribute 2009"-banner at the front page. It's a relief that a tribute can be more than a sweaty fat guy in ill-fitting pyjamas mumbling exaggerated vibrato in Teddy Bear...The fun on stage spills over in these intimate "I-was-there-shots". Great!
May 26th, 2009
"Today, Tomorrow & Forever" - beautiful promo from BMG China.
May 17th, 2009

The third volume of the "Highlight"-series (2 CD, this time with focus on the 60s).

An unpublished with a new edit, a bit upgraded sound and an additional track from 2nd source: "Vegas. 09/02/73 DS".

May 3rd, 2009

"Sixty Minutes in Saginaw" (Pure Platinum) - a little better sound than "Greetings From Saginaw".

"Highlights vol. 2" - an impressive collection of previously released outtakes from the 50s (unpublished, 2 CD).

April 1st, 2009

A good update today, and it's no joke :-) New CDs:

"A Hilton Double-Shot! (Madison, 2 CD)

"Sunset Rundown" (Madison)

"Fun Time at the Coliseum" (VB Records)"

"I Believe" (4 CD)

"Elvis Sings..." (Inspiration, 2 CD)

"One Night with Elvis" (Flaming Star promo)

"Back to Vegas" (ElvisMatters)

"50 Jahre Elvis in Deutschland" (2 CD)


And two DVDs:


"A Legendary Performer - the Next Generation"

March 25th, 2009

Another quickie... 2 new DVDs:

"The Final curtain"

"Elvis in Hampton Roads"

March 23rd, 2009

A small, but interesting update:

"April Fool's Dinner" (Southern Comfort/Audionics)

March 20th, 2009

I FINALLY have it...."That's the Way It Is - The Complete Works".

So much has been said...and it was hard to believe it could live up to all the appraisal it has received...but's really that good. It's FABULOUS!!!

March 9th, 2009

I don't know why I never did this before, but now I have put the six (and highly interesting) existing songs from Vegas 08/27/69 DS together as an incomplete unpublished concert.

I also made new sleeves for "Vegas 09/02/71 DS", "Vegas. 08/20/74 DS" and "Vegas. 08/20/74 MS".

February 16th, 2009

Great update today:


"It's Elvis Now - The Outtakes Volumes 1-11" (11 DVD-set)

"The Calm Before the Storm Volumes 1-4" (4 DVD-set)

"The Storm is On Volumes 1-3" (3 DVD-set)

"Special Moments"


"Hear Elvis in Glorious Mono" (Hotdog)

February 8th, 2009

A bunch of interesting DVDs:

"The Complete 1976 8 mm Films" (4 DVD-set)

"Now Now Now vol. 7"

"Now Now Now vol. 8"

"Now Now Now vol. 9"

"Collectors Gold 1&2"

"Blazing into the Darkness"


January 22nd, 2009

First update on the new domain:

"The Brightest Star on Sunset Boulevard" (Gravel Road, 2 CD-set) - and yes, it does sound a little better.

"Augusta - Once and For All" (Rainbow)

"Christmas Duets" (Canadian, 14 tracks)

"Greatest Hits Volume Two" (Jack Daniels)

"Peace in the Valley - Special Collectors Edition" (Shoppin' Around)

"Welcome Home Elvis" (3 CD-set)

DVD: "Larry King: Celebrating Elvis, January 2009"


And as a side note, off this site; today I got the two new Camdens "Sings Hits From His Movies" and "I Got Lucky" - it's funny, how cheapies like these are able to bring back so many memories.

January 21st, 2009
I've been thinking about it for quite some time, and finally I got my own domain for my Elvis Corner. I know I should do something about the scruffy, old design I keep... but that will have to wait until July 32nd...
January 10th, 2009


Countdown To Christmas (Straight Arrow)

Extending My Love (EMIXTKC)

January 2nd, 2009

Santa came and went, back to collecting :-)

"Grand Roulette at the Sahara" (Memory)

"The Sound of Vegas Volume 2 - December Night" (SR)

"He Touched Me - The Alternate Album" (CMT)

"I'll Remeber You" (FTD)

"In Person at the International" (2 CD, FTD)...yummi!!!

"The 1972 New York Experience" (DVD)


Right! After some impressive activity down the forums, it has been proven that "Vegas 02/08/72 MS" is undoubtedly "Vegas 02/10/72 MS".

December 2nd, 2008

A small but very colourful update:

The new FTDs, "Nevada Nights" and "Elvis Country" - I've said it before: just keep them coming Ernst!

"Hillcrest Blues" (Madison) - S T U N N I N G ! ! !

...and "The Joan Deary Tapes" (2008 - Sur Prise)

New DVDs:

"This Is Elvis" - NTSC (2 DVD)

"Opening Night 1970"

November 26th, 2008

New boots:

"The Talk of the Town" (Audionics/2001)

"Then Sings My Soul" - 2CD- (Rainbow Records)

November 24th, 2008

Another great pile of DVDs:

Lisa Marie Presley - E True Story
The Soundboard Films Volume 1 - Southbound
The Soundboard Films Volume 2 - A New Kind Of Rhythm
The Soundboard Films Volume 3 - Vegas Rhythm
The Soundboard Films Volume 4 -  Kansas City Blues
Up Close And Personal With Sonny West
Once Upon A Time In the 70's
Providence  - St Louis 22-3-76 & more 8mm
Return To Tupelo
16,000 Flashbulbs And One King
Collectors Box - German Fan Club Special
Fit For A King
Both Sides Of The Show - Star: 3 dvds 1 cd
Elvis in '76: Buffalo, Cincinnati & Pittsburgh
Early Elvis
Goodbye Elvis & Vernon
Desert Star - Volume 1  -  4 DVDs
Desert Star - Volume 2  -  4 DVDs
Elvis - The Return
Stranger In The Crowd
The Man With The God Given Voice

November 6th, 2008

A few upgraded unpublisheds:

"Houston. 03/01/70 AS" - new source replaces the old source, as it is a tad clearer and a bit longer.

"Vegas. 08/12/69 DS" - new source replaces the old, as it sounds a little better.

"Vegas. 01/30/71 DS" - new source has a little fuller sound - I've kept the old source, as 2nd source.

November 3rd, 2008

A correction of dates: the newly added "High Summer in Blue - Providence. 06/26/76 AS, is really ES, and "Presley Providence - Providence. 06/26/76 ES", is really AS. Consequently, the old "ETCY vol. 82", is ES.

October 30th, 2008

New unpublisheds are scarce these days, and it was a great feeling to welcome a new handful into the collection:

"Chicago. 06/17/72 AS" (Better sound than what I have heard before)

"Vegas. 02/21/71 MS" (Runs at correct speed, and Elvis is more upfront)

"Providence. 06/26/76 AS" (Sound is a little fuller than "ETCY vol. 82")

"On the Road to Perfection" (A collection of previously released On Tour rehearsals)

And yet another "Atlanta. 12/30/76" source, this time it's a 2 CD-set, and probably the longest runtime so far (over 80 min.): "The King In Concert" (J.D. Records 092).

October 16th, 2008

A great string of newcomers, I feel like a schoolboy on Christmas Eve :-)

"September Nights" (SR Records)

"Red-Hot in Richmond" (Madison)

"A Greensboro Revolution!" (Madison)

"Directly From the 1972 Elvis Summer Festival " (Las Vegas Archives)

"Hollywood '72" (Unknown label)

"Blue Rhythms" (Hot Dog HTCD 001)

"Colonel Parker's Boy" (Memphis Flash Records)

"Elvis In Person - The Alternate Album" (CMT 176)



"The Jumpsuitology Vol. 1 - 1969-1972" (Memory)

"Inside Love Me Tender" (Elvis Unlimited)

October 1st, 2008

A small update, while waiting for more:

"Trying To Get To You" (Straight Arrow)

...and a correction of a date: it's now beyond doubt that "Jacksonville 04/16/72" is ES, and not as previously listed, AS.

August 25th, 2008

Heavy update today:



You Know It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country (Gravel Road Music)

Vegas Variety vol. 2 (2 CD-set) (Rainbow Records)

Hits of the 70's (Sounds Cool)

Raised On Vegas (Memory)

'60-´61 Sessions (No label)

King Creole - The Alternate Album (White Angel)

American Glory (MxF)

Vintage '55 (Oak)

Elvis In Hollywood (BMG Promo)

'68 At 40 (JAT)


The FTDs:

Love Letters From Elvis (2 CD)

Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee (2 CD)




Phoenix Over Tennessee (2008)

Patch It Up

Now Now Now - Volume 1

Now Now Now - Volume 2

Now Now Now - Volume 3

Now Now Now - Volume 6

The Essential Live Collection Vol. I

The Essential Live Collection Vol. III

The Essential Live Collection Vol. IV

The Essential Live Collection Vol. V

The Essential Live Collection Vol. VI

The Essential Live Collection Vol. VII

The Essential Live Collection Vol. VIII

Vegas 360 (3 DVD-set)

Rare Clips Vol. 1

Rare Clips Vol. 2

Cross Country vol. 2

Buffalo Rehearsals

1975 - The Las Vegas Shows (2 DVD-set)

Elvis Presley's Graceland 2008 (2 DVD-set)

Something Better Something New Vol. 1

Something Better Something New Vol. 2

Something Better Something New Vol. 3

Something Better Something New Vol. 4

Summer Festival in '72 Recompiled

Viva Las Vegas (ABC)

July 28th, 2008

In the middle of a heat wave, some pretty hot stuff:

"The Final Farewell" (Rainbow Records)
"Where No One Stands Alone" (Reeltrax)

"High Spirits In Las Vegas" (2008) (VS)
"Getting Down To Business " (VS)

"Back With a Bang" (Audionics/Fort Baxter) -SOOO GOOD
"The Way It Was" (FTD, same as the book)

July 1st, 2008

I'm in DVD heaven :-)

August 7th Rehearsals
Elvis # 1 Performances - Europe
Elvis Is Back At The International
Elvis On Elvis
Elvis Through the Years
From The Archives
The King Live In Vegas
Live In Seventies vol 1
Live In Seventies vol 2
Now Now Now - Volume 4
Now Now Now - Volume 5
Pieces of My Life - The Ultimate Live Anthology DVD Set 3 dvds
Private Tapes Volume 5
Private Tapes Volume 6
Rockin' The Desert Vol. 1
Rockin' The Desert Vol. 2
The Essential Live Collection Volume  2  -  Goodbye Vegas
The Front Row Films Remastered Volumes 1-7
The King On Stage Vol. 4 - 6
The Way It Really Was - The Complete Uncut Outtakes Volumes 1 & 2
TTWII Outtakes Eleven Disc Edition

June 20th, 2008

Tiny midsummer update:

"Elvis Now - The Alternate Album" (CMT 716)

June 7th, 2008

It's not only football and BBQ:

That's The Way It Is - FTD, I just can't get enough...

Cancelled - The Request Box (Southern Comfort/Audionics, 2 CD)

I Sing My Own Kinds (SR)

Royal Gambit (Straight Arrow)

Opening Night - January 1970 (Madison)

Trouble in Vegas (Memory)

A Legendary Performer - Talking & More (Collectors Records)

Elvis For President (EFE Promo 14)

Elvis' Christmas Album Special Edition (no label)

Elvis vs Spankox Re:versions (everness)

From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis Tennessee - The Alternate Album (CMT)

He Touched Me (2008)

His Hand in Mine (2008)

How Great Thou Art (2008)

Super Hits (2008)


DVD: It's Only Words

May 19th, 2008

A small update, while waiting for some other new stuff:


From N.Y. to Chicago

Hollywood Elvis Volume Five


Bootlegs (CDr):

Good Times in Promised Land (Fans Only 2008)

Moody & Blue (Fans Only 2008-02)


Correction of dates:

Following the recent discussion on the message boards, Lake Tahoe 05/02/76 is now Lake Tahoe 05/04/76 and vice versa.

The concert Las Vegas 09/07/70 CS that has been in circulation for many years, has proven to be the bonus show 09/08/70 3am.

April 12th, 2008

Another heap of DVDs:

Bridge Over Troubled Water '77
Good Rockin' Tonight - The Legacy of Sun Records
Once Upon Time In 1973
One Day In Cincinnati '76
Rockin' The Nation Vol. 8 (version 2)
TTWII - Culver City. Getting Down To Business (2 DVD)
TTWII - The International. Finishing Touches (2 DVD)
The King On The Road Vol.1- Vol. 4 (4 DVD)
Elvis By Request (aka From Memphis To Madison)
Elvis Memories By George Klein (Laser Disc)


And three new CDs:

I Was The One (2007 re-issue)
Springtime Elvis
A Legendary Performer Vol.13

March 30th, 2008

While waiting for promising boots and FTDs, I took the opportunity to change MS to DS and DS to MS for "Vegas. 12/06/75"...which should have been done a long time ago. While I was at it, I gave the art work a fix-up.

I also cut off the fake ending of "Vegas. 08/25/74 DS". I made new sleeves, and for once, I'm really pleased with the result :-)

February 29th, 2008

Slowly but surely, we're getting things unpacked, and I'm FINALLY back on-line. During my absence, two newcomers showed up:

"Hot August Night" (Madison)

"You'll Never Walk Alone" (Reeltrax)

February 14th, 2008
We're moving to a new house, and I will be off-line for...I don't know how long - I hope to be back soon. At the same time, I'd like to apologize for being a lousy communicator lately, as the new house has taken up all of my spare time.
February 10th, 2008

A quick update in the middle of moving to a new house:

"High Voltage" (Audionics)

"A Wild Weekend in Huntsville! Volume Two " (Madison)

"Tiger Man vol. 10" (Shake Records)

"Big Boss In Touble" (EPB)

"Moody Blue Blue - The Alternate Album 2007" (CMT 714)

"When All Was Cool" (Mystery Train - updated fan club release)

"He Touched Me: Elvis' Gospel Music" (Radio speciel, rare promo)

"The Early Years/Viva Las Vegas" (Radio speciel, rare 2 CD-promo)

"Baby Let's Play House" (Spankox re-mixes, four tracks)

"Elvis & Lisa Marie" (RCRU, promo)

"Elvis Viva Las Vegas Soundtrack" (Elvis and others)

"Wild In The Country" (FTD...beautiful!!!)


January 19th, 2008
New today: "F1rst Time Birmingham - Rockin' the Blue Board vol. 2" (Forum Records)
January 7th, 2008

First update of the year:

"Rock Back the Clock" (2 CD. Straight Arrow) - great release - the best sounding release so far, of the unjustly "forgotten" New Years concert.

"Tough Way To Make a Living vol. 4 - The Final" - part four of the highly listenable "Tough Way..."-series

December 15th, 2007

A good pile of new DVDs:

Atlanta '76
Bound For Glory
California Gold
Elvis In Concert
Elvis - No.1 Hit Performances USA
From Vegas To Charlotte
High Octane (2 DVD-set)
I Did It My Way
Jumpsuit Madness
Night Of The Phoenix (2 DVD-set)
Promised Land
Rippin' It Up
Sold Out In '72
Sold Out In '76
The American Eagle Flies Again
The Day Elvis Died
The Definitive Elvis Xmas Collection (3 CD + 1 DVD)
The King On Stage Vol. 1 - 3
The Milton Berle Show - The Lost Elvis USS Hancock

And the icing on the cake, an new CD: "Most Wanted" (Reel Records)

November 28th, 2007

The new and beautiful release from Memphis Recording Service: "New York. RCA Studio 1 - The Complete Sessions" (1 CD/1 Audio DVD).

And of course the new FTDs: "Pot Luck" and "Girls! Girls! Girls!" gratitude to the FTD people and what they do knows no boundries.

November 16th, 2007

New bootlegs:

"Vegas Variety" 2 CD-set (Rainbow Records)

"Time to Dare" 2 CD-set (MxF Records)

"A Wild Weekend in Huntsville! Volume One " (Madison)

"Tiger Man vol. 8" (Shake Records)

"Tiger Man vol. 9" (Shake Records)

"Tour Opening - Tempe Arizona " (No label...and your SO welcome for lifting the design...)

"Rare Elvis Vol. 3 " (No label)

"Our Memories of Elvis 2007" (No label)

"Our Memories of Elvis Volume 22007" (No label)

"October Encore in Lake Tahoe" (Memory)

"..It's Tahoe Time" (Rainbow Records)

"High Sierra Fever" (Straight Arrow)

"The American Way Volume Five - Goin' Home to Memphis" (Southern Comfort)

"The 25th Anniversary Concert August 16th 2002" (A.V.S.P. 2006)

"Don't Start Me Talking About Elvis" (BBC Radio Broadcast 2007. No label)

"'68 Comeback Special" (BBC Radio Broadcast 2007. No label)

"The Elvis Effect" (BBC Radio Broadcast 2007. No label)

"Elvis and Me" (BBC Radio Broadcast 2007. No label)


New DVDs:

Destination Vegas

Off Set From TCM

Young Elvis in Colour

Larry King at Graceland 2007

Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 3

October 30th, 2007

New bootlegs:

A Legendary Performer vol. 9 (Wolf Call)

A Legendary Performer vol. 10 (Wolf Call)

A Legendary Performer vol. 11 (Wolf Call)

A Legendary Performer vol. 12 (Wolf Call)

Elvis Duets (2 CD, no label)

Tiger Man vol. 7 (Shake Records)


New DVDs:

Born to Rock vol. 3

Have You Heard the News

Rare Elvis vol. 1 (Rare Records)

Rare Elvis vol. 2 (Rare Records)

Rare Elvis vol. 3 (Rare Records)

Rockin' the Nation vol. 6

Rockin' the Nation vol. 7

Rockin' the Nation vol. 9

Rockin' the Nation vol. 11

October 16th, 2007

Two new unpublisheds:

"Vegas 02/09/74 DS"

"Vegas 09/01/74 DS" (a more complete 2nd source, 2 CD-set)

October 10th, 2007
I have added "Vegas 08/19/73 MS", which is actually the same recording as "Midnight Special", but here our man sounds a little less like Mickey Mouse...
October 7th, 2007
An unpublished that sounds a notch better than ETCY vol. 72: "St. Petersburg. 02/14/77" - from a day when I blew out ten candles on my birthday cake :-)
October 3rd, 2007
Another big and bouncy DVD-update :-)

Another Year, Another Tour Vol.1
A Prehistoric Concert
Because It's A Bicentennial Year Vol. 1
Because It's A Bicentennial Year Vol. 2
Elvis Still Rocks
From St. Louis To Pittsburgh
Houston '71
Live In St.Louis
Rockin' The Nation Vol.12
TTWII - I Just Can't Help Believin'
The Birth Of Rock'n'Roll
The Complete 1973 Films
Final Performance
The Last Tour
The Rock And Roll Years
Tiger Man

September 18th, 2007

Small update today:

"Elvis Presley Radio Special" (RDJ 66121-2) - Promo from 1992

"In the Eye of the Storm" (ESP-0703) - the CD belonging to the book with the same name.

"Elvis in Demand" (BPCD 5069) - Australian CD of the old British vinyl album

September 11th, 2007

New town. New job. New home. New baby. It's been a busy month, and I'm soo behind. New today:


"The Complete 1974 8 mm Films" (2 DVD-set)
"Elvis On Tour Sessions" (Chile)
"That's The Way It Is Sessions" (Chile)
"Elvis On Tour Day By Day vol. 1" (2 DVD-set)
"King On Tour '70-'71" (Taiwan)
"Southern Comfort" (2 DVD-set, Taiwan)
"The King's Masters vol. 1"
"The King's Masters vol. 2"
"Ultimate Live Performance vol 1" (2 DVD-set)
"Ultimate Live Performance vol 2" (2 DVD-set)
"Ultimate Live Performance vol 3" (3 DVD-set)
"Sin City Fever" (2 DVD-set)


"Adios Huntsville" (Audiophile)



"Elvis The King - The singles Sampler " ...and I'm a lucky owner :-)

August 13th, 2007

I've been asked to take out two concerts, for the time being:

"Lake Tahoe. 05/07/73 MS"

"Lake Tahoe. 10/13/74 DS"

... although it's really not my cup of tea to crouch in this manner...

July 29th, 2007

I'm very, very happy to be able to include a number of "impossible" unpublisheds in my collection:

"Las Vegas. 01/29/72 MS"

"Las Vegas. 02/08/72 MS" (including "I'm Leaving it up to You")

"Spokane. 04/28/73 AS"

"Lake Tahoe. 05/07/73 MS"

"Baton Rouge. 06/18/74"

"Lake Tahoe. 10/13/74 DS"

"Shreveport. 06/07/75 ES"

"Las Vegas. 01/30/71 DS"

And a couple of upgraded unpublisheds:

"Las Vegas. 08/25/72 D/S" (new 1st source)

"Lake Tahoe. 10/13/74 MS" (replaces my old source as it's more complete and in a bit better sound).


July 25th, 2007

Big update today:


"At the Forum" (Graceland Records)

"Closing Night - February 1970" (Madison)

"The Las Vegas Years volume 2 - Early Morning Rain" (Audiophile)

"The Spirit of Sin City" (Memory)

"Rock and Blues" (SR Records)

"Elvis at the Jungle - Essential Elvis Volume 7" (Fans Only)

"Fairytale in Vegas" (No label)

"Elvis Sings Don Robertson" (RKJE)

"Let's Be Friends" (bootleg of the Camden release)

"Elvis Presley No 2" (Remake of the old UK release)

"Good Rockin' Tonight" (Remake of the old French release)



"50 Ans du Rock'n'Roll" (My Happiness)



"I Sing All Kinds"

"Easy Come, Easy Go"

"Raised On Rock"



"Elvis Bicentennial volume 3"

"The Fantasy Concert - Elvis Recorded Live On Stage in Memphis"


...and I've taken out all my VCDs, as there were really no point in keeping them anymore...

July 17th, 2007

Another big bunch of new DVDs:


The Complete 1977 8 mm Films Vol.1

The Complete Second Night In Binghampton

The Final Chapter

The King`s Masters Vol.3

The Lost Elvis Home Movies

The Private Tapes Vol.2

The Private Tapes Vol.3

Born To Rock Vol.2

Elvis On Tour - Special Edition (Star)

Summer Festival 1975 Vol.1

Summer Festival 1975 Vol.2

Rare Elvis Vol.7

Rare Footage Vol.1

Rare Footage Vol.2

Rare Footage Vol.3

July 11th, 2007

Today I took down the remaniders of my old live VHS-collection and threw it all in the action that would probably have caused me a fatal heart attack had I known back in 1983...

New DVDs:

Alabama Bound

Born To Perform Part 2

Elvis In Person 77 & Memories

Elvis In Person Live In 1969 - 1971

Elvis In Person Live In 1970 - 1971 - 1972 - 1973

Elvis In Person Live In 1972 - 1975 - 1976

Elvis In Person Live In 1973 - 1974 - 1975

Elvis In Person Live In 1976

Elvis In Person Live In 1976 - The Last Time In Vegas

Elvis In Person Live In 1976 - The March Tour

Elvis On Tour Hampton Roads / Greensboro

February 12, 1977 - Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood Elvis Volume One

Hollywood Elvis Volume Two

Hollywood Elvis Volume Three

King of Spades

My Home Movies Of Elvis (Joe Esposito)

Rare Elvis vol. 4

Rare Elvis vol. 5

Rare Elvis vol. 6


... and a few new boots:

"Summer Festival '73" (no label)

"Tiger Man vol. 6" (Shake Records)

"When it's My Time" (No label...and I can see why...)

July 5th, 2007

New today:

"Heavy Times" (MxF)

"The American Way vol. 4" (Southern Comfort 04-6969)

"Kicking and Rolling" (Straight Arrow SA 2007-6-02)

"Tiger Man in Vegas" (It's Elvis Time Fan Club Sampler)

"Pure Diamonds - The Uncut And Undubbed RCA Studio Sessions" (WLR 2018 1-4)

"Rock'n'Roll (1972)" (Original UK LP release)

"Have You Heard the News?" (Radio- and TV reports)

"Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley " (Memphis Recording Service. Promo)

I'm happy to present a new concert from Elvis' second season in Vegas. "Vegas. 02/20/70 MS". An excellent show, with the rare second verse of Hound Dog. The date is uncertain and may be subject for change if/when new information pops up.


"Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley" (Memphis Recording Service)

"Elvis Rocks Atlanta "

June 11th, 2007

Two highly interesting unpublisheds, both more complete than the bootleg releases:

"Dallas. 12/28/76 ES"

"Cincinnati, 06/25/77 ES"

I have added a 2nd source (2 CD-set) and a 3rd source (2 CD-set) to "Vegas 08/27/74 M/S"

Three new DVDs:

"Hot Shot and Cool Clips volume 2"

"The Hottest Act in Town vol. 2"

"Live Spirits vol. 2"


Thanks to Charlie, I have linked artwork to most of my DVD titles

May 16th, 2007

A steady stream of new DVDs...the frustrating days of live VCDs are dead and buried :-)

Six new DVDs:

"The Complete 1977 8mm Films volume 2"

"The Complete 1977 8mm Films volume 3"

"Hollywood Elvis Volume Four"

"Vegas Christmas with Elvis (2 DVD-set) "

"The Hottest Act in Town volume 2"

One new import:

"Elvis Rockin' the Blue Board Volume 1"

May 8th, 2007

Five new DVDs:

The Complete 1975 8mm Films volume 1

The Complete 1975 8mm Films volume 2

The Complete 1975 8mm Films volume 3

Coming On Strong vol. 2

Windy City Rocks

May 6th, 2007
I worked with the sound on my old AR from Baltimore 11/09/71...and the result was more or less identical to the new "An Unforgettable Night in Baltimore" - I made new sleeves anyway.
May 1st, 2007

Two new unpublisheds:

"Tuscaloosa" 06/03/75 ES" - more complete than "Deep Down South".

"Las Vegas 12/12/76 CS" - runs a couple of minutes longer than "Black Diamond".

April 26th, 2007

Great update today:

"The American Way Volume Three" (Southern Comfort)

"Autumn Revival" (Memory)

"Across The Country vol. 2" (Audionics)

"A New Kind of Rhythm" (Madison)

"Heading For Tulsa" (HD)

"Swing & Swirl Your Hips Again" (S&S)

"An Unforgettable Night in Baltimore" (no label)

"An Unforgettable Night in Little Rock " (no label)

"Reflections of the 70's" (EFE Promo vol. 13)


New unpublisheds:

"Tough Way To Make a Living vol. 3"

"I Still Play the Blues"

"Lake Tahoe 05/25/74. MS " - a new source is 1st source, old 1st source is now 3rd source.

"Las Vegas 12/03/76 MS" - I have added a 2nd source, that runs a couple of minutes longer than the old 1st source - electrical pops throughout the 2nd source.


And of course the new FTDs:

"Live in L.A." (I like the book, even if the number of blurred pictures outnumbers the good pictures by miles).

"An American Trilogy" (keep'em coming!!!)

"50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong" (the second Elvis album I bought as a kid, and this release is a winner!)


April 18th, 2007

Today, the quality of my DVD collection took a giant leap:

Crown Elvis Presley Series 1969

Crown Elvis Presley Series 1970

Crown Elvis Presley Series 1972 Part 1

Crown Elvis Presley Series 1972 Part 2

Crown Elvis Presley Series 1972 Part 3

Crown Elvis Presley Series 1975

Crown Elvis Presley Series 1976 Part 1

Crown Elvis Presley Series 1976 Part 2

Crown Elvis Presley Series 1976 Part 3

Crown Elvis Presley Series 1976 Part 4

The California Dream

The Complete Phoenix Over Tennessee Concert

Live 1977 Memories

Vegas Vengeance

April 14th, 2007

Ohoy there! I'm back! After two months of involuntary absence from cyberspace. My computer has been on endless warranty service, and FINALLY they sent me a completely new computer. Needless to say, I'm up to my neck in catching up, but it's really great to be back. New today:

"Rock in Black" (SR Records) 2 CDs.

"Elvis Sails 2006" (EFE) Collector's edition of the EP, with US-, German- and Japanese artwork.

"The American Way vol. 2 - Some Blue-Eyed Soul" (Southern Comfort)

"Vegas Rhythm" (Gravel Road Music)

"The '56 Sessions vol. 2" (Fan Club Edition )


"Elvis Presley The Sun King"

"Inside Roustabout"

"Lighting it Up"

February 23rd, 2007

Great update, just in time for the weekend:

New unpublisheds:

I have added a third source to "Lake Tahoe 05/11/73 D/S", which is more complete than 1st and 2nd sources separately.

"Vegas 12/10/76 DS", that runs a couple of minutes longer than "Vegas Remembering".

New DVDs:

"Rare Footage" volumes 4, 5, 9 & 10 "

"Virginia Loves Elvis" (remastered)

"Love Coming Down" (2 DVD-set).

February 15th, 2007

New today:

"Elvis Live From the USA" (EFE Promo vol.5).

A new first source to "South Bend 09/30/74", the old first source is now second source, and the old second source the bin.

I have replaced my old source for "Vegas 08/24/74 M/S" - the sound is a bit better compared to the old source. I have removed the last bit of CHFIL, as I think it's lifted from a different show - and I'm not fully convinced that the first bit of CHFIL and Let Me Be There belong here either.

I have added a second source (single disc) to "Vegas 12/06/76", which runs a couple of minutes longer than my old, primary source.

Finally, "Unchained Melody" (FTD), which is surprisingly good.

February 3rd, 2007

A new unpublished concert: "Vegas 12/05/76 9pm", which runs a little longer than "Presley at the Hilton" and "In Free Fall".

I have added a new first source (2 CD) for "Vegas 12/08/76", the old source (2 CD) is now second source.

The old sources for "Providence 06/22/74 A/S" and "Vegas 03/27/75 D/S" have been replaced by better sounding sources.

January 27th, 2007


"Let it Be Me" (Audiophile Records), "Red Hot in Vegas" (SA 2006-5-02) and a new unpublished: "Vegas 03/31/75. D/S", which is undoubtedly the same source as "ETCY vol. 39", but the sound is a bit fuller.

January 13th, 2007

A good start to 2007:

The FTDs "His Hand in Mine by Elvis" (2 CD) and "Writing For the King" (2 CD).

"The '56 Sessions Volume 1" (Dutch fan club issue), "All Shook Up in Long Beach" (no label), "The American Way Volume One" (Southern Comfort Cdone-6969), "The Complete Million Dollar Session" (BBC Radio 2), "Patch it Up" (MxF Records October 2006), "A Holy Rockin' Christmas" (Fans Only FO 001), "Rare Elvis Duets" (Philippean fan club issue), "Since Cincinnati" (re-issue, AJR 080379-2) and "Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology - volume 5" (EPCD5)

DVDs: "Bicentennial 2 - Live in Birmingham & Pittsburgh", "Paternity Suit Uncovered!", "The Ed Sullivan Shows" (three discs), "Once Upon a Time in 1971", "Elvis Live '74 - Murfreesboro, Tennessee" and "Memphis Recording Service Volume 2".

December 7th, 2006

Three new ones today:

"Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology - volume 4", "Elvis Sixties - EFE Promo 12" and "It Is No Secret" (Captain Haddock).

December 1st, 2006 I'm happy to announce a new and more complete source of "Vegas 08/30/73 M/S" and a new and terrific CD-r-collection, called "I Play the Blues".
November 23rd, 2006

I was fortunate to get a new DVD-r, called "The Hottest Act in Town" - it consists of mainly EoT-material (raw), but this isn't what makes this DVD so cool; it's a section with November '71 live material, where someone has made a really good job! I get goosebumps all over!!!

Btw. I know I should be flattered, not pissed off: First it was "Trying to get to Memphis" (SR Records), then "Second Night" (Graceland Records) and now "Red Hot in Vegas" (Straight Arrow) - I don't mind the bootleg companies borrowing my titles, but wouldn't it be a decent gesture only to drop me a line?

November 17th, 2006
I have added a 2nd source (with a couple of new bits) to "Lake Tahoe 05/11/73 D/S". And I have changed the date for the Detroit '74 concert, from "09/29/74 A/S", to "10/04/74 E/S" - I upgraded sound and edit a bit while I was at it.
November 9th, 2006

A beautiful string of new DVDs:

"Bicentennial - Live In Charlotte & Chicago", "Aloha From Sweden", "Blue Hawaii '72", "There's Only One Elvis", "Through My Eyes" (2-DVD), "Never Ending Love", "Elvis Lives: 25th Anniversary Concert" and "Inside G.I. Blues".

Two CDs:

"50th Anniversary of TV Guide" (It's Elvis Time) and "Aloha From Sweden" (Elvis Unlimited) - this CDs comes along the DVD with the same title - the recording sounds surprisingly good, and it makes me wonder what Elvis' live recordings would have sounded like, if they had been recorded with the technology of today.

November 8th, 2006
"Shakin' Up the Great Lakes" (Fort Baxter CS-1003), "Holding Down the Fort" (Madison CWP/15 MS) and "Spinout - The 100% Complete Recording Sessions" (3702-1)...not too bad!
October 2nd, 2006
"Chaos in College Park" (SA 2006-4-02) and two collections with mostly published material...placed among the unpublisheds anyway: "Impolite Elvis" and "Tough Way To Make a Living, Vol. 2".
August 23rd, 2006

Three new unpublisheds:

"Vegas 08/20/71 D/S" - sounds a little better than ETCY vol. 2".

"Vegas 08/27/74 M/S" - incomplete with multiple cuts BUT, the sound is magnificent...I never listened to this show this way before...and it's captivating!

"Vegas 03/28/75 D/S": I have replaced my old 1st source with a slightly better sounding one.

August 18th, 2006

Looks like summer draught is finally over - new today:

Boots: "At the Top of the Game" (MEMORY), "Closing Night" (Graceland Records, "Elvis - The Documentaries Part 2" (EFE Promo volume 11), "Elvis Rocks Lincoln" (P.O. 220/Take Off Records), "ABC Rock and Roll - It Was 50 Years Ago Today" (ElvisMatters) and "Gentle on My Mind" (AIE - Chips Moman interview).

DVDs: "A Legendary Performer vol. 2", "1st, 2nd and 4ever", "The King Goes Wild", "Live Spirits", "I'll Be There 2" and "Elvis Live in Vegas".

Last, but not least, a new unpublished: "Vegas 09/02/72 D/S".

August 3rd, 2006

After six Elvis-free weeks, I'm back home again, and it feels great! Well, not completely Elvis-free...It's been 20 years since I last bought Elvis on vinyl, but my (too expensive) summer leisure this year has been chasing old LPM- and LSP-issues. Great fun!

Newcomers in my collection:

"I Found My Thrill", "Elvis Presley" and "Clambake" - how can you not love the goodies FTD spoils us with?

"Let it Roll" (Madison), "The Sound of Vegas 1" (SR Records), "And I Love You So" (no label), "Going Back in Time" (Straight Arrow) and "The On Tour Interviews" (It's Elvis Time promo).

And finally, "A Legendary Performer vol. 1" - a great DVD with rare bits and pieces - I'm looking forward to getting volume 2.

June 20th, 2006

Football, football, football...and eleven recent bootlegs:

"DCDFORU 27 Fan Favorites" (unknown?)
"Elvis At 21" (EFE PROMO Vol 9)
"Elvis The Documentaries" (EFE PROMO Vol 10)
"In The Early Morning Rain" (TinTin TWP/02)
"The King Has Landed" (Unknown)
"Live From Fort Wayne" (If I)
"Live From Las Vegas" (If II)
"Tennessee Star(light)" (Straight Arrow SA2006-2-02)
"Tigerman - An Alternate Anthology Volume 2" (Shake Records EPCD2)
"Tigerman An Alternate Anthology Volume 3" (Shake Records EPCD3)
"The Vegas Years Vol. 1" (AudioPhile CD AR 2006-1-2)

June 7th, 2006

New DVDs: "Chain Reaction", "Live Memories 1970" and "Celluloid Rocks vol. 1 & 2".

New bootlegs: "Live at the International" (If) and "Live at the Hilton" (If)

May 26th, 2006

New today:

Madison's "One Night Only!" (YES!), "A Thunder in the Night" (SR), "Elvis Presley as the one called Charro!" (JAT), "Return to Splendour-reissue" (Memory) and the first VCD in a long time (it's a good one) "TTWII 08/10/70 O/S".

I have also made new sleeves for "Lake Tahoe 05/07/76 M/S", and finally, I have added a compilation called "Tough Way to Make a Living" - it shouldn't really be here as it's mainly RCA- and SB-material, but there are also a couple of unpublished tracks, so I put it here anyway.

May 26th, 2006
....and DONE! I have added track listings to all the PA-unpublisheds. I'm quite happy about it, and I hope that I haven't made too many silly mistakes during endless square-eyed hours in front of my Macintosh.
April 8th, 2006

Madison does it again! "A Legendary Performer vol. 8" is a delight; a superb packing and a tasteful selection of songs - well done!

And the concert DVDs keep rolling in: "Rocking the garden" (Memory/Dragonheart) - as was the case with "Time Warp", there is no improvement when it comes to picture quality - but it's great to have the two shows on one DVD, and they put a lot of effort behind making the picture and sound sync.

I have had the set for quite some time, but now I'm glad to add it to my site: "Blue Hawaii Tapes", a 5 CD-set fom the Blue Hawaii sessions, and it's the best set I have of all the Blue Hawaii-material that's been released.

By using three different AR-sources, I have made a 2-CD-set of "Vegas 12/15/75 C/S", that runs no less than 91 minutes. The sound quality ranges from very good, to poor.

Finally, I have replaced my old source from "Vegas 08/12/69 D/S", with a slightly better sounding one.

.... I almost forgot, the new FTDs arrived today: "Made in Memphis" and "Something For Everybody" - I haven't had time to listen to them yet, but I can hardly wait...

March 11th, 2006

A new unpublished: "Vegas 09/04/72 D/S", which is most certainly from the same source as "ETCY vol. 37", but I think this sounds a tad better.

I made minor improvements to "Omaha 07/01/74 E/S", and I made new sleeves while I was at it.

March 4th, 2006

Finally! This update has kept me busy for two's almost as time consuming as it is fun, fixing up old MCs to CDs, with sleeves and all. New today:

Bootlegs: "The Lightning Storm in Florida" (MEMORY), "Better than Ever" (MEMORY), "A Legendary Performer volumes 3 & 4 (a really pleasant surprise), "What Now My Love" (X-Entertainment), "That's All Right Anyway You Do" (no label) and "ETCY vol. 37".

Unpublisheds: "Vegas. 08/30/74 M/S" (2 CD), "Dayton. 10/06/74 E/S", "Vegas. 03/18/75 O/S" (a little more complete, with "If You Love Me Let Me Know"), "Uniondale. 07/19/75 E/S", "Vegas. 12/13/75 M/S" and "Chicago. 10/14/76".

DVDs: "Memphis Recording Service vol. 1" and "The Echo Will Never Die" (Dutch).

February 16th, 2006

It's not a very common occurence anymore, so I'm more than happy to welcome two completely new unpublisheds to my collection:

"Vegas 09/04/70 M/S" - pretty good sound, but incomplete (46 min.)

"Lake Tahoe 05/21/74 M/S" - good sound, also incomplete (46 min.) Four tracks have multiple cuts.

The recently updated "Vegas 02/23/71 C/S", has gotten another face lift: I have added a new, complete source as 1st source, the old 1st source is now 2nd source...and the old 2nd source is in the bin.

A friend of mine did a very good detective job when he pinpoited what we have suspected for quite some time: "Little Sister/Get Back" and "It's Over" do NOT belong to "Vegas 08/17/1 D/S" (Same as "Setting the Standard"). "Little Sister/Get Back" is lifted from "08/21/71 M/S ("The Cisco Kid Strikes Again") and "It's Over" was cut from "Vegas 08/10/71 M/S".

February 4th, 2006

What would you do without good friends? It's been a busy Elvis week :

New boots:

"All That I Am" (Mystery Train) - a bit of a surprise, with interesting On Tour interviews that are new, at least to me.

The two new EFE Promos: "The Boy From Tupelo Mississippi" and "From Union Avenue to Thomas Street 1954 - 1969".

"Happy Days" (No Label) - TTWII rehearsals.

"Last Tango in Tahoe" (Fort Baxter) - hmm shouldn't it be "the last tango, but one"? Anyway, it's a real beauty!

"Pieces of My Life" (Straight Arrow) - another surprise, they did a good job on that wow-and-flutter. This show is SO good!

"Setting the Standard" (SR Records). I read on the Internet that this is a "totally new show, even for collectors" - well, it's not, it's been around for many years. The problem has been the date: is it "08/17/71 D/S" or "08/18/71 D/S"? I have chosen to label it the 18th, but I'm changing it back to the 17th, for the sake of uniformity...although I can't say that I'm positively certain that the 17th is correct. And again, I'm still not convinced that "It's Over" and "Little Sister/Get Back" really belong to the show. The sound is no better than the old A/R, but the DVD that comes along with the CD is pretty neat.

"Tucson, Arizona 72" (no label) and finally "The Very Best of the Diamond Anniversary Label) (DAE), which is good if you don't have the other DAE-releases.

New DVDs are:

"Time Warp" (MEMORY) - the quality may not be better than the old VCD- and VHS-issues, but here we have much of the best audience footage all under one roof...and it's a winner!

"Setting the Standard" - the menu system is a little odd, but here's some nice '71 footage.

"At the 1962 Seattle World's Fair" - an interesting DVD with behind the scenes footage from the filming of "It Happened at the World's Fair".


I have added a new source to "Odessa 05/30/76 A/S", which is 1st source, as the sound is slightly fuller compared to the old source. I brushed up the old sleeves a bit.

I have received a new "Bloomington 05/27/76", which is in a bit better sound and the edit is more correct - moreover, I added the last tracks from my old 2nd source to it in order to make it complete, and it's now a single CD-set. I gave the old sleeves a bit of a makeover here too.

Finally, a sharp-eared friend of mine has found that the first few tracks on "Vegas 08/24/74 M/S" belong to "Vegas 08/24/74 D/S" - the real M/S beginning can of course be found on FTD's "It's Midnight".

...I think this is it :-)

January 26th, 2006
New to "Vegas 02/23/71 C/S" is a more complete second source, with "Heartbreak Hotel" and an uncut "Don't Be Cruel" - The beginning of Blue Suede Shoes is missing though, but it can be found complete on the first source.
January 16th, 2006
Ahhh...I wish they could go on forever...I just got the new goodies from FTD: "Southern Nights" and "Loving You".
January 15th, 2006
The news for today is a new 1st source to "Vegas 03/28/75 D/S", which is more complete than my old source (now 2nd source, in a bit fuller sound).
January 12th, 2006

I was very fortunate to have a rare promo as Christmas present: "Elvis Christmas Peace" - promo sampler from Hong Kong/Taiwan.

I have added two sources from "Roanoke 04/11/72". Both sources come from the same recording as "Rockin' Roanoke", but the three have travelled different ways since 1972 - the "new" sources include "For the Good Times" and a complete "An American Trilogy".

Also new is the DVD "The Memphis Flash".

December 16th, 2005
A new unpublished: "Vegas 03/21/75 D/S", and it sounds a bit better than "ETCY vol. 59".
December 9th, 2005

The incomplete concert on the CD "All Night", previously dated "Vegas 02/21/70 M/S", is taking a further step back, and is now dated only as "date unknown".

New sleeves for "Pittsburgh 06/25/73".

December 7th, 2005
Finally, I pulled myself together and bought the DVD "Adrenaline '71", and like the title gives you quite a rush!
December 2nd, 2005
I have added "Vegas 03/27/75 D/S" to the unpublished section - it sounds a bit better than "ETCY vol. 35".
November 29th, 2005
I've worked quite a bit on a 2nd source to "Vegas 12/10/76 M/S" - the sound is not as good as the 1st source, but has the solos a bit more complete.
November 21st, 2005
... and new sleeves for "Vegas 08/22/74 M/S"...
November 18th, 2005

I received four new bootlegs today:

"A Legendary Performer vol. 7" (Madison CWP 11), "Las Vegas Moonlight" (MEMORY 2048-2), "Spring Fever" (Unicorn Rec. 2101-2) and "Springtime in Nevada", which is really 03/25/75 D/S, (MEMORY 2049-2).

On the unpublished side, I have added a more complete source to "Huntsville 05/31/75 E/S" (and I made new sleeves while I was at it). I worked a little on the sound of "Lake Tahoe 07/31/71 D/S", this concert blows me right away!

November 8th, 2005

Some interesting additions and upgrades among the unpublisheds:

"Johnson City 03/17/76" (with Burning Love), "Alexandria 03/30/77", "Cleveland 07/18/75", "Norfolk 07/20/75 E/S" (new 1st source that's a bit more complete), "Des Moines 06/20/74" (new 1st source, which is slightly more complete and not quiet as horrible soundwise) and "Vegas 12/09/76 9PM" (pretty much the same as older sources).

I have changed the date for "Lake Tahoe 07/31/71 M/S to the more likely D/S, the same day. I have made new sleeves for ETCY vol. 71, with the date "Vegas 01/28/73 M/S", which is probably correct. Finally, I have made new sleeves for "Detroit 04/22/77" and "Vegas 12/10/76 M/S".

October 6th, 2005

Tiny, tiny update:

I have added 24 min. of the Pre-programme to "Vegas 12/06/76", so it's now a 2 CD-set. And, I've made new sleeves for "Oakland 11/10/70". Finally, I now have the new release "There Goes My Everything" (no label).

September 23rd, 2005

New today:

"Omaha 06/19/77" - terrible sound, but this is the best I've found after years of looking.

Lots of new boots:

"A Legendary Performer vol. 6" (Madison), "Back on the Mainland" (Memories of Elvis", "Rockin' Chicago volumes 1 & 2" (Tennessee Moon), "The King of Western Bop" (CR REV 98), "Not Too Sweet" (SR Records) and finally the promo "The Presleys" (EFE vol. 6).