Concert List - 1974

— an overview of the concerts in my collection

(those I have are marked in red)

Las Vegas January 26th OP/S
Las Vegas January 26th M/S
Las Vegas January 27th 10pm/S
Las Vegas January 28th D/S
Las Vegas January 28th M/S
Las Vegas January 29th D/S
Las Vegas January 29th M/S
Las Vegas January 30th D/S
Las Vegas January 30th M/S
Las Vegas January 31st D/S
Las Vegas January 31st M/S
Las Vegas February 1st D/S
Las Vegas February 1st M/S
Las Vegas February 2nd D/S
Las Vegas February 2nd M/S
Las Vegas February 3rd D/S
Las Vegas February 3rd M/S
Las Vegas February 4th D/S
Las Vegas February 4th M/S
Las Vegas February 5th D/S
Las Vegas February 5th M/S
Las Vegas February 6th D/S
Las Vegas February 6th M/S
Las Vegas February 7th D/S
Las Vegas February 7th M/S
Las Vegas February 8th D/S
Las Vegas February 8th M/S
Las Vegas February 9th D/S
Las Vegas February 9th CL/S
Tulsa, OK March 1st, ES
Tulsa, OK March 2nd 1.30 pm
Houston, TX March 3rd A/S
Houston, TX March 3rd E/S
Monroe, LA March 4th E/S
Auburn, LA March 5th E/S
Montgomery, AL March 6th E/S
Monroe, LA March 7th E/S
Monroe, LA March 8th E/S
Charlotte, NC March 9th A/S
Charlotte, NC March 9th E/S
Roanoke, VA March 10th E/S
Hampton Roads, VA March 11th E/S
Richmond, VA March 12th E/S
Greensboro, NC March 13th ES
Murfreesboro, TN March 14th E/S (parts only)
Knoxville, TN March 15th E/S
Memphis, TN March 16th A/S
Memphis, TN March 16th E/S
Memphis, TN March 17th A/S
Memphis, TN March 17th E/S
Richmond, VA March 18th E/S
Murfreesboro, TN March 19th E/S
Memphis, TN March 20th E/S
San Bernardino, CA May 10th E/S
Los Angeles, CA May 11th A/S
Los Angeles, CA May 11th E/S
Fresno, CA May 12th A/S
San Bernardino, CA May 13th E/S
Lake Tahoe May 16th OP/S
Lake Tahoe May 17th D/S
Lake Tahoe May 17th M/S
Lake Tahoe May 18th D/S
Lake Tahoe May 18th M/S
Lake Tahoe May 19th D/S
Lake Tahoe May 19th M/S
Lake Tahoe May 20th D/S
Lake Tahoe May 20th M/S
Lake Tahoe May 21st D/S
Lake Tahoe May 21st M/S
Lake Tahoe May 22nd D/S
Lake Tahoe May 22nd M/S
Lake Tahoe May 23rd D/S
Lake Tahoe May 23rd M/S
Lake Tahoe May 24th D/S
Lake Tahoe May 24th M/S
Lake Tahoe May 25th D/S
Lake Tahoe May 25th M/S
Lake Tahoe May 26th D/S
Lake Tahoe May 26th M/S
Lake Tahoe May 27th 3am CL/S
Fort Worth, TX June 15th A/S
Fort Worth, TX June 15th E/S
Fort Worth, TX June 16th A/S
Fort Worth, TX June 16th E/S
Baton Rouge, LA June 17th E/S
Baton Rouge, LA June 18th E/S
Amarillo, TX June 19th E/S
Des Moines, IA June 20th E/S
Cleveland, OH June 21st E/S
Providence, RI June 22nd A/S
Providence, RI June 22nd E/S
Philadelphia, PA June 23rd A/S
Philadelphia, PA June 23rd E/S
Niagara Falls, NY June 24th A/S
Niagara Falls, NY June 24th E/S
Columbus, OH June 25th E/S (BAD sound)
Louisville, KY June 26th E/S
Bloomington, IN June 27th E/S
Milwaukee, WI June 28th E/S
Kansas, MO June 29th A/S
Kansas, MO June 29th E/S
Omaha, NE June 30th A/S
Omaha, NE June 30th E/S
Omaha, NE July 1st E/S
Salt Lake City, UT July 2nd E/S
Las Vegas August 19th OP/ S
Las Vegas August 20th D/S
Las Vegas August 20th M/S
Las Vegas August 21st D/S
Las Vegas August 21st M/S
Las Vegas August 22nd D/S
Las Vegas August 22nd M/S
Las Vegas August 23rd D/S
Las Vegas August 23rd M/S
Las Vegas August 24th D/S
Las Vegas August 24th M/S
Las Vegas August 25th D/S
Las Vegas August 25th M/S
Las Vegas August 26th D/S CANCELLED
Las Vegas August 26th M/S CANCELLED
Las Vegas August 27th D/S
Las Vegas August 27th M/S
Las Vegas August 28th D/S
Las Vegas August 28th M/S
Las Vegas August 29th D/S
Las Vegas August 29th M/S
Las Vegas August 30th D/S
Las Vegas August 30th M/S
Las Vegas August 31st D/S
Las Vegas August 31st M/S
Las Vegas September 1st D/S
Las Vegas September 1st M/S
Las Vegas September 2nd D/S
Las Vegas September 2nd CL/S
Collage Park, MD September 27th E/S
Collage Park, MD September 28th E/S
Detroit, MI September 29th, 1974 A/S
South Bend, IN September 30th E/S
South Bend, IN October 1st E/S
St. Paul, MN October 2nd E/S
St. Paul, MN October 3rd E/S
Detroit, MI October 4th E/S
Indianapolis, IN October 5th A/S
Indianapolis, IN October 5th E/S
Dayton, OH October 6th A/S
Dayton, OH October 6th E/S
Wichita, KS October 7th E/S
San Antonio, TX October 8th E/S
Abilene, TX October 9th E/S
Lake Tahoe October 11th OP/S
Lake Tahoe October 11th M/S
Lake Tahoe October 12th D/S
Lake Tahoe October 12th M/S
Lake Tahoe October 13th D/S (M/S ?)
Lake Tahoe October 13th M/S (D/S ?)
Lake Tahoe October 14th D/S
Lake Tahoe October 14th CL/S


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