Concert List - 1975

an overview of the concerts in my collection

(those I have are marked in red)

Las Vegas March 18th OP/S
Las Vegas March 19th D/S
Las Vegas March 19th M/S
Las Vegas March 20th D/S (parts only)
Las Vegas March 20th M/S
Las Vegas March 21st D/S
Las Vegas March 21st M/S
Las Vegas March 22nd D/S
Las Vegas March 22nd M/S
Las Vegas March 23rd D/S
Las Vegas March 23rd M/S
Las Vegas March 24th D/S
Las Vegas March 24th M/S
Las Vegas March 25th D/S
Las Vegas March 25th M/S
Las Vegas March 26th D/S
Las Vegas March 26th M/S
Las Vegas March 27th D/S
Las Vegas March 27th M/S
Las Vegas March 28th D/S
Las Vegas March 28th M/S
Las Vegas March 29th D/S
Las Vegas March 29th M/S
Las Vegas March 30th D/S
Las Vegas March 30th M/S
Las Vegas March 31st D/S
Las Vegas March 31st M/S
Las Vegas April 1st D/S
Las Vegas April 1st CL/S
Macon, GA April 24 E/S (part only)
Jacksonville, FL April 25th E/S
Tampa, FL April 26th A/S
Tampa, FL April 26th E/S
Lakeland, FL April 27th A/S
Lakeland, FL April 27th E/S
Lakeland, FL April 28th E/S (part only)
Murfreesboro, TN April 29 E/S
Atlanta, GA April 30 E/S
Atlanta, GA May 1st E/S
Atlanta, GA May 2nd E/S
Monroe, LA May 3rd A/S
Monroe, LA May 3rd E/S
Lake Charles, LA May 4th A/S
Lake Charles, LA May 4th E/S
Jackson, MS May 5th E/S
Murfreesboro, TN May 6th E/S (part only)
Murfreesboro, TN May 7th E/S
Huntsville, AL May 30th E/S
Huntsville, AL May 31st A/S
Huntsville, AL May 31 E/S
Huntsville, AL June 1st A/S
Huntsville, AL June 1st E/S
Mobile, AL June 2nd A/S
Mobile, Al June 2nd E/S
Tuscaloosa, AL June 3rd E/S
Houston, TX June 4th E/S
Houston, TX June 5th E/S
Dallas, TX June 6th E/S
Shreveport, LA June 7th A/S
Shreveport, LA June 7th E/S
Jackson, MS June 8th A/S
Jackson, MS June 8th E/S
Jackson, MS June 9th E/S
Memphis, TN June 10th E/S
Oklahoma City, OK July 8th E/S
Terra Haute, IN July 9th E/S
Cleveland, OH July 10th E/S
Charleston, WV July 11th E/S
Charleston, WV July 12th A/E
Charleston, WV July 12th E/S
Niagara Falls, NY July 13th A/S
Niagara Falls, NY July 13th E/S
Springfield, MA July 14th E/S
Springfield, MA July 15th E/S
New Haven, CT July 16th E/S
New Haven, CT July 17th E/S
Cleveland, OH July 18th E/S
Uniondale, NY July 19th A/S
Uniondale, NY July 19th E/S
Norfolk, VA July 20th A/S
Norfolk, VA July 20 E/S
Greensboro, NC July 21st E/S
Asheville, NC July 22nd E/S
Asheville, NC July 23rd E/S
Asheville, NC July 24th E/S
Las Vegas August 18th OP/S
Las Vegas August 19th D/S
Las Vegas August 19th M/S
Las Vegas August 20th D/S
Las Vegas August 20th CL/S
Las Vegas December 2nd OP/S
Las Vegas December 3rd 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 4th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 5th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 6th D/S
Las Vegas December 6th M/S
Las Vegas December 7th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 8th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 9th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 10th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 11th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 12th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 13th D/S
Las Vegas December 13th M/S
Las Vegas December 14th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 15th CL/S
Pontiac, MI December 31st E/S



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