Concert List - 1976

— an overview of the concerts in my collection

(those I have are marked in red)

Johnson City, TN March 17th E/S
Johnson City, TN March 18th E/S
Johnson City, TN March 19th E/S
Charlotte, NC March 20th A/S
Charlotte, NC March 20th E/S
Cincinnati, OH March 21st A/S
Cincinnati, OH March 21st E/S
St. Louis, MO March 22nd E/S
Kansas City, MO April 21st E/S
Omaha, NE April 22nd E/S
Denver, CO April 23rd E/S
San Diego, CA April 24th E/S
Long Beach, CA April 25th A/S
Long Beach, CA April 25th E/S
Seattle, WA April 26th E/S Audio
Spokane, WA April 27th E/S
Lake Tahoe April 30th OP/S
Lake Tahoe April 30th M/S
Lake Tahoe May 1st D/S
Lake Tahoe May 1st M/S
Lake Tahoe May 2nd 10pm/S
Lake Tahoe May 3rd 10pm/S
Lake Tahoe May 4th 10pm/S
Lake Tahoe May 5th 10pm/S
Lake Tahoe May 6th 10pm/S
Lake Tahoe May 7th D/S
Lake Tahoe May 7th M/S
Lake Tahoe May 8th D/S
Lake Tahoe May 8th M/S
Lake Tahoe May 9th CL/S
Bloomington, IN May 27th E/ S
Ames, IA May 28th E/S
Oklahoma City, OK May 29th E/S
Odessa, TX May 30th A/S
Odessa, TX May 30th E/S
Lubbock, TX May 31st E/S
Tucson, AZ June 1st E/S
El Paso, TX June 2nd E/S
Fort Worth, TX June 3rd E/S
Atlanta, GA June 4th E/S
Atlanta, GA June 5th E/S
Atlanta, GA June 6th A/S
Buffalo, NY June 25th E/S
Providence, RI June 26th A/S
Providence, RI June 26th E/S
Largo, MD June 27th A/S
Largo, MD June 27th E/S
Philadelphia, PA June 28th E/S
Richmond, VA June 29th E/S
Greensboro, NC June 30th E/S
Shreveport, LA July 1st E/S
Baton Rouge, LA July 2nd E/S
Fort Worth, TX July 3rd A/S
Tulsa, OK July 4th A/S
Memphis, TN July 5th E/S
Louisville, KY July 23rd E/S
Charleston, WV July 24th A/S
Charleston, WV July 24th E/S
Syracuse, NY July 25th E/S
Rochester, NY July 26th E/S
Syracuse, NY July 27th E/S
Hartford, CT July 28th E/S
Springfield, MA July 29th E/S
New Haven, CT July 30th E/S
Hampton Roads, VA July 31st E/S
Hampton Roads, VA August 1st A/S
Roanoke, VA August 2nd E/S
Fayetteville, NC August 3rd ES
Fayetteville, NC August 4th ES
Fayetteville, NC August 5th ES
San Antonio, TX August 27th E/S
Houston, TX August 28th A/S
Mobile, AL August 29th A/S
Mobile, AL August 29th E/S
Tuscaloosa, AL August 30th E/S
Macon, GA August 31st E/S
Jacksonville, FL September 1st E/S
Tampa, FL September 2nd E/S
St. Petersburg, FLSeptember 3rd E/S
Lakeland, FL September 4th A/S
Lakeland, FL September 4th E/S
Jackson, MS September 5th E/S
Huntsville, AL September 6th A/S
Huntsville, AL September 6th E/S
Pine Bluff, AR September 7th E/S
Pine Bluff, AR September 8th E/S
Chicago, IL October 14th E/S
Chicago, IL October 15th E/S
Duluth, MN October 16th E/S
Minneapolis, MN October 17th E/S
Sioux Falls, SD October 18th E/S
Madison, WI October 19th E/S
Southbend, IN October 20th E/S
Kalamazoo, MI October 21st E/S
Champaign, IL October 22nd E/S
Richfield, OH October 23rd E/S
Evansville, IN October 24th E/S
Fort Wayne, IN October 25th E/S
Dayton, OH October 26th E/S
Carbondale, IL October 27th E/S
Reno, NV November 24th E/S
Eugene, OR November 25th E/S (part only)
Portland, OR November 26th E/S
Eugene, OR November 27th E/S
San Francisco, CA November 28th E/S
San Francisco, CA November 29th E/S
Anaheim, CA November 30th E/S
Las Vegas December 2nd OP/S
Las Vegas December 3rd 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 3rd 1am/S
Las Vegas December 4th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 4th 1am/S
Las Vegas December 5th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 6th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 7th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 8th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 9th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 10th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 10th 1am/S
Las Vegas December 11th 10pm/S
Las Vegas December 11th 1am/S
Las Vegas December 12th CL/S
Wichita Falls, KS December 27th E/S
Dallas, TX December 28th E/S
Birmingham, AL December 29th E/S
Atlanta, GA December 30th E/S
Pittsburgh, PA December 31st E/S


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